• Provide every student with detailed feedback on their progress, advice on the areas that need improvement, and an acknowledgment of accomplishments and strengths.
  • Discuss and agree on future goals and milestones.

Ultimately, we hope this progress review will help you achieve your degree goals in a timely manner, assist in your productivity, and improve student retention by allowing you to discuss issues with your advisor on a regular basis.


  • Please hold a 20 minute, one-on-one meeting with each of your advisees to discuss their progress.
  • Prior to the meeting, review your advisee’s on-line “Progress Questionnaire” by logging into the EECS Grad Student Review Database using your CalNet ID and passphrase.
  • Click on the link(s) to produce a list of your advisees (research and temporary) with basic information about the students, their self-appraisals, level of stress, workload, work environment, and any additional comments.
  • Please note that students whose status falls outside the norm for any reason (more than 12 semesters in our program, no QE/Prelim/MS, low GPA, no research advisor after one year, etc.) will have a notation under the column “Comments.” Please address the issue(s) during the review.
  • Please also pay special attention to the “Self Appraisal,” “Stress,” “Workload,” and “Work Environment” columns for instances of students showing reasons for concern.
  • Click on each student name to view the individual student “Review Summary” screen. On this screen, you can view your student’s progress towards the degree, assign letter types and record your meeting.
    • At a minimum, you must record whether you met (yes or no) and assign at least one letter type for each of your students (at the bottom of the student screen). Additionally, you may wish to indicate if you would like to discuss the student at the Faculty Review meeting. In addition, you may assign a second letter type, a P.S., and you are encouraged to write a brief personal note (up to 1000 characters). Don’t forget to save your entry.
  • From the individual student “Review Summary” screen, you can view the online “Student Progress Questionnaire.” Click on the “Progress Questionnaire” link on the left side of the top navigation menu to review your student’s progress since the last review.
  • Your student will also bring a copy of the completed questionnaire to your meeting, and together you should review the information and sign the form, indicating that you have reviewed the information.
  • You may choose to use the Graduate Student Skills List as a guideline or starting point for your discussion. You should also plan on discussing the lab’s  work culture climate with your student.
  • During your advisor/student meeting, complete the Student Progress Review form  which is still on paper only. Both you and the student should sign and date this form as well as the Student Progress Questionnaire. The student should submit both of these forms to the relevant Grad Office.
  • Students that have Advanced to Doctoral Candidacy, should also complete the Graduate Division Doctoral Candidacy Review at least once in an academic year.