Guide for Current ASEs

Teaching assistants and undergraduate course staff help run many of the courses offered by the EECS department. EECS catalyzes the learning experience by providing support to our course staff to inspire advances in teaching, learning, and research.



For any questions or concerns, please contact the Graduate Support Team at

For support in course-related logistics and administration, student cases regarding accommodations or student conduct, or if you’re looking for coaching, training and review in pedagogy, please contact

EECS Readers, & UCS1s

For any questions or concerns, please contact Hamilton Chang, ASE Program Manager, at

Course Support Contacts

Administrative course support requests (copy, textbooks, eGrades, HW box keys, etc.):

Instructional support requests (copy, document preparation, grade changes, etc.):

Instructional computing support (class accounts, instructional websites):

Questions about enrolling in CS classes:

EE class scheduling in Cory Hall:

CS class scheduling in Soda Hall:

Facilities support (keys, card key access, copycards, etc.), please visit Facilities and Engineering Services.