The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is able to accommodate a number of visitors each year under the University’s Visiting Researcher Scholar and Postdoctoral Affairs program (VSPA).

Prospective Candidates:

Initiate contact with your prospective faculty host at least five months before the date you want to start working at UC Berkeley.

Look at the EECS Department faculty’s research specializations and make direct contact with the faculty members whose research aligns with yours. Staff will not begin to work on your application until they receive confirmation from a faculty member that you have an appointment.

EECS Faculty:

To make sure that your visitor arrives on the date that the two of you have chosen, please submit your written request for visiting appointments/reappointments to Team 2 – ERSO HR, Provide:

  • specifics on prospective visitor’s qualifications, professional status and immigration/citizenship status
  • visitor’s contact information
  • where you have pre-arranged a desk for your visitor
  • requested dates for the visit (cannot be retroactive)

Resources for appointing visitors can be found on the ERSO Regional Services website.


It is the responsibility of scholars and postdocs to remember their appointment end-dates, and to plan ahead for possible reappointment requests.