2022 Samuel Silver Scholarship winner Lucas Spangher performing at the EECS Student Awards ceremony

EECS Student Awards

Each year the EECS Student Awards Committee selects winners for each of our department awards, many based on nominations gathered from EECS students, faculty and staff.

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The 2023-24 Student Award Nomination Period is Closed

Nomination Procedure

Compose a letter (approximately 1 page) for each nominee explaining your reason for recommending the student. Nominators should specifically address how the nominee meets the award criteria. Attach any relevant materials that will assist the Student Awards Committee in making their decision, such as: publications, CV, additional letters of nomination. The committee may seek additional information concerning the most promising nominees. Previous recipients of an award are ineligible to receive the same award again, but may be recommended for any remaining awards. Nominators are encouraged to refer to the description of each award, which includes a list of previous awardees.

EECS Chair Claire Tomlin and EE Division Chair Clark Nguyen pose with the recipients of the 2024 Eugene Lawler Prize.
EECS Chair Claire Tomlin (far left), EE Chair Clark Nguyen (far right) and the 2024 recipients of the Eugene L. Lawler Prize