Each semester, undergraduates declared in the EECS and CS majors are invited to meet with a faculty member of their choosing.

Faculty Advising occurs over two weeks immediately before the students enroll in their next semester courses. Faculty will receive an email from the Center for Student Affairs, prompting them to access the web application and indicate their preference for individual or group advising sessions, and four different times and dates they are available. If faculty select group advising, they will later receive confirmation of the selected session times and assigned classrooms.

The number of students each faculty meets with is determined by the number of active students in our program, the number of available faculty, and the percentage of the faculty’s appointment. Most faculty who select group advising sessions will be expected to host two one-hour sessions. Lecturers are allocated twice the advising responsibility of a Professor.

Although faculty are not responsible for answering policy questions, if you are going to give policy advice, please be mindful that there are subtle differences between the EECS and LSCS programs. Please direct students to email academic advisors regarding any policy questions.


Faculty Advising is managed by the Center for Student Affairs in 205 Cory Hall.
Email questions or concerns to faculty-advising@eecs.berkeley.edu