Course support contacts (textbooks, copying, etc.)

Faculty IT needs can be arranged through the Computer User Support Group (CUSG) by purchasing a workstation contract.  If you have any questions, you can send them to the EECS Help Desk:

EECS Chairs Office

EECS Chairs Office Manager

Thomas Silva

231 Cory, +1 (510) 642-7699

Assistant to the EECS Chairs

Alex Sandoval
385 Soda, +1 (510) 642-0253

Academic Personnel

Faculty, visiting faculty, lecturer appointments & promotions; visas, pay rates and dates; benefits; sabbatical leave eligibility; University academic personnel rules and procedures.

Academic Personnel Managers

EE – Chris Ruggiero
223 Cory Hall, +1 (510) 643-8208

CS – Julia Flinker
381 Soda, +1 (510) 643-6618

Academic Personnel Analysts

EE – Open

CS – Jessica Rojas
395 Soda Hall, +1 510 644-4674

CS – Katie Cisco
395 Soda Hall

Faculty Awards

Heather Levien
223 Cory Hall