The EECS Department is committed to building a broadly diverse community and strives to create a welcoming and respectful learning environment for students. Your feedback and comments will help us work towards this goal.

EECS Student Incident Reporting Form

Students are encouraged to use the EECS Student Incident Reporting Form to submit incident reports or suggestions for improving the climate in the EECS Department. Submissions may be anonymous, or you may choose to provide contact information.  This form is the result of a recommendation by the EECS Anti-Racism Committee and is intended to surface issues that may adversely affect the climate within the Department, such as those related to diversity, equity and harassment. Submissions will be reviewed by a team of EECS student services staff, including Susanne Kauer, Audrey Sillers, Tiffany Grimsley and Antoine Davis).

You may also send mail to

EECS General Student Grievances

Issues can arise between a faculty member and a student. For assistance please reach out to a staff advisor or the Student Ombuds Office.

Additional campus resources:

  • Berkeley Student Advocate Office (SAO): This campus office provides assistance on all manner of student grievances including, but not limited to, DSP accommodations, discrimination, sexual violence, and non-traditional student concerns.

EECS Sexual Harassment Resources

Susanne Kauer, 221 Cory, 510-642-3694,
or Audrey Sillers, 203 Cory, 510-664-7181,

Additional campus resources:

  • PATH to Care: A confidential first point of contact for gender-based harassment or sexual violence.
  • Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination: OPHD oversees campus compliance with policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment (including sexual harassment and violence). They are charged with responding to and resolving reports of harassment and discrimination from students, staff, faculty and visitors that are related to protected class and civil rights policies

Other Resources for Discrimination

  • Berkeley Diversity: Report a specific incident or act of intolerance, hate, harassment or exclusion at any of the Berkeley campus or UC-systemwide resources.

Counseling and Mental Health Resources for Students

Climate Feedback Form for Engineering

To provide feedback on climate-related concerns or incidents that may have occurred in the College of Engineering outside of EECS, you may use the COE Climate Feedback Form.For example, you may use this form to share your experiences and suggestions for improving classroom and workplace climate within the College of Engineering.