Because Department space is constrained, we monitor closely the use of offices and desks in our buildings, and space is allocated according to the following policy, set by the Department Chair:

  1. Regular Ladder Rank Faculty: Individual office
  2. Emeritus Faculty: retain office for one year, then move to Emeritus office; exceptions made for faculty on active recall.
  3. Visiting Faculty: Shared office (2 to an office; 3 if space is very tight)*
  4. Regular Career Staff: Shared office; supervisors get private office if at all possible
  5. Visiting Scholars: Share graduate student space*
  6. Visiting Industrial Fellows: Share graduate student space*
  7. Graduate Student Instructors: Shared desk in GSI office
  8. Graduate Student Researchers: Individual desk in shared office; administered by “space Czar” of interest group; some GSRs have to wait for desks freed up by graduating students
  9. New grad students (not GSR/GSI): space is not guaranteed until you find an advisor
  10. Postdocs: Share graduate student space
  11. Student Groups: Receive office if actively performing department service

* very high level visiting faculty, visiting scholars and VIFs are given shared or individual offices as space permits.