Information for ASEs

The EECS Department requires all Ph.D. candidates to serve as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) within EECS. The GSI teaching requirement, as well as opportunities for undergraduate teaching, reading and tutoring, not only enhances and helps to develop our students’ confidence and communication skills, it also makes a great contribution to the department’s academic community. If you are planning a career in academia, or want an opportunity to give back while improving student efficacy, your teaching and mentoring experience will prove a strong addition to your CV.

Message from the Department of Undergraduate Instruction

EECS is one of the largest departments on the UC Berkeley campus, serving more than 25,000 enrollments each year. Many individual courses enroll 400 or more students, with the largest course enrolling over 1,700 in a semester. Teaching and course quality ratings have increased in these large courses despite the rapid growth in enrollments over the last decade. This is the result of our commitment to our course staff and growing GSI applicant pool, as the department continues to offer world-class learning experiences to its many students.

We are passionate about educating and mentoring our graduate student instructors, undergraduate course staff, and readers. With a holistic vision of EECS, we strive to create a welcoming environment for our constantly growing course staff. We value diversity of all kinds and are proud of our vibrant student staff members in collaboration with our staff faculty. We invite you to become part of our community at EECS, whether as a GSI, UCS2, Reader, UCS1, lab assistant, academic intern or volunteer.

Our EECS Mission to Educate, Create, and Serve is a vitally important part of our department culture and we’ve embodied these values in combination with the GSI Standards & Ethics, as articulated below. We encourage new and returning staff members to explore the Prospective and Current Guides to better navigate their responsibilities, and improve the experience for faculty, staff, and students alike!

Christopher Hunn
Director of Undergraduate Student Instruction

Our Mission


our future leaders through a rigorous curriculum of theory and applications that is ethical, professional, and in collaboration with faculty, adopting teaching strategies to foster academic integrity.


instructional environments that are conducive to student learning and student safety, while developing professionally appropriate relationships to support and empower our students and course staff.


the communities to which we belong, at local, national, and international levels, developing pedagogical and professional-development practices that promote inclusion and support equity for all students.