EECS Safety Manual

Summer & Fall 2021 Return to Campus

In Spring 2020, campus deactivated card key access to university facilities for all faculty, staff, students, and affiliates due to the COVID Shelter in Place executive order. Please complete or review the following safety requirements before July 12th.


  • Faculty, staff and students will be able to return to their offices, labs and other research spaces without occupancy or distancing restrictions on June 16th.

  • COVID cleaning protocols have been relaxed.

  • Building access will be controlled by the Soda and Cory building managers via the EECS Card Key forms following guidelines set by the University.

  • Building access for non-affiliated collaborators, workshops and events, travel, etc. will continue but be loosened over time.

  • Large gatherings such as conferences and events will likely have capacity limits or vaccination requirements (capacity limits currently unavailable).

2021 Building Access Safety Requirements

Everyone who would like to return to campus in Summer or Fall 2021, except for  those who are already on the essential worker access list, must do ALL of the following:
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  1. Review the Workplace Safety Program (WSP) document 

  2. Complete the EHS 502 Workplace Safety Training through the UC Learning Center (estimated time: 30 minutes).  [UC Learning Center links often fail the first time, so keep trying.  You can also try accessing the EHS programs by going to the UC Learning Center via Berkeley Blu and searching for the program names.]

  3. Complete the EHS 207 COVID Safety Training (NOTE: These procedures were revised July 7, 2021: if you completed the program before that date, you will need to take it again.) Offered through the UC Learning Center (estimated time: 30 minutes).

  4. Review the Building Emergency Plans for Cory or Soda Hall to learn emergency evacuation routes and procedures

  5. Review the EECS Department Safety Contacts (below) so you know whom to contact before an actual emergency.

  6. Submit an EECS Safety Compliance Form to confirm that you have completed steps 1 through 5

  7. Submit one of the following EECS Card Key forms

    Before you fill out one of the card key forms, you will need:

    • For NEW card keys: an email from your sponsor/safety officer/space manager, listing your name, the buildings and rooms you may access, your desk number (if applicable), and the the date your access expires.

    • For existing card REACTIVATIONS: the 6-digit proximity number from the back of your Cal1 Card (see number location).

    Select a card key form:
    NOTE: You must complete steps 1-6 before submitting this form.

    • If you are new to EECS because you joined the department after March 2020, submit a New EECS Card Key / Key Request Form

    • If you are returning to work but need access to a NEW building or office, submit a New EECS Card Key / Key Request Form

    • If you are returning to your usual office after leaving campus for the March 2020 shutdown, submit an EECS Card Key Reactivation Form

    • If your card key is currently active because it was reactivated after March 2020—and you currently have all of the access you need—DO NOT fill out an EECS card key activation form. Otherwise your card will be deactivated and you will lose access.

  8. Obtain a Green Access Badge via University Health Services (UHS). Step-by-step instructions below.

  9. You are responsible for adhering to the Return to Campus Checklist, which includes:

How to Obtain a Green Access Badge

COVID-19 vaccinations are required for all students, faculty, staff and academic appointees who have not obtained an exemption*.   All members of the on-campus community must have a Green Access Badge by Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, two weeks before the UC Berkeley fall term begins.

  1. Get a COVID vaccination and wait 14 days** after your final dose to reach full immunity.

  2. Log into the eTang portal (if you've never done this before, you will need to create a profile): 

  3. Update your vaccination status. Select Medical Clearances:

    1. If you received your vaccination somewhere other than campus, you will need to enter your vaccine information and upload the front and back images of your COVID vaccine card.  Instructions for updating your vaccine record in eTang.

    2. Virtually sign the Notice of Privacy Practice v2021.  This is required before you can make a testing appointment.  Note that it is the only item labeled **REQUIRED* that you are actually required to complete.

  4. You must schedule an appointment for surveillance testing unless one of the following applies:

    • You have previously been tested for COVID-19 on campus (you do not need to be retested)
    • You have COVID symptoms
    • You have come into close contact with someone who has COVID within the past 5 days
    • You have tested positive for COVID within the past 90 days

    If you do not meet any of the above criteria, select Appointments:

    1. Click Schedule an Appointment and check the button for "COVID Testing for UC Berkeley Faculty/Staff or UCOP essential staff," click Continue.

    2. You can ignore the text that says "Have you been on Campus in the last 2 weeks and/or expecting to be on Campus in the next 2 weeks?"  The 2 week requirement does not apply if you have been vaccinated.  Check the button for YES.

    3. Click Continue, finish the questionnaire, and make an appointment.

    4. You will be given a barcode that you should bring with you to your appointment.  The test results are usually registered within a few hours but may take up to 3 days.

  5. Check your status.  When your results become available, you will receive an email from UHS notifying you that you have a message from the Tang Center.

    1. To see your test results, select Messages

    2. To check whether your badge is active, select Home

When you are cleared, there should be a blue button at the top of your eTang home page that says "Show Badge (Clearance Status: Cleared)."  Your badge status will automatically be part of your campus record so you do not need to do anything more.

You only need to go through testing once before returning to campus—which can be well in advance of your return—but you may be selected for a random screening at any point during the semester. You will still be responsible for submitting a Daily Symptom Tracker report every day you plan to be on campus.

When viewing your Cleared Green badge, note the text that says "Next Lab Test Due…" Add this date (usually 6 months after your surveillance test) to your calendar so you can make arrangements to be re-tested then.  See more at about the Testing Badge System on the eTang Portal

*The exemption policy, which should become effective by July 15, 2021,  will allow for some medical and religious accommodations. Those with approved exemptions may return to campus if they remain masked and comply with the campus testing plan. If you choose not to be vaccinated, and have no approved exemption, you will not be allowed to work on campus. (see campus message sent June 10th).

**Although different vaccines have different timelines for full immunity, the Testing Badge System says: "You’re considered fully vaccinated 14 days after your final vaccine dose."

EECS Department Safety Contacts

In an Emergency

From a campus phone or landline: 911

On a cell phone:  +1 (510) 642-3333

For after hours access issues, contact UCPD using their non-emergency phone number: +1 (510) 642-6760

Do you have a Safety Concern? Please Submit a Safety Ticket.

Cory Hall Safety Contacts

Safety Coordinator - Logan Baldini

253A Cory Hall
+1 (510) 384-8914

Cory Safety Committee

Bennett Agnew
Logan Baldini
Therese George
Ben Lake
Katherina Law
Chunlei Liu
Scott Mcnally
Elise Mills
Shirley Salanio
Josh Sanz
Steve Volkman

Soda Hall Safety Contacts

Safety Coordinator - Naomi Yamasaki

393 Soda Hall

Soda Safety Committee

Scott Mcnally
Leslie Goldstein
Brian Barsky
Kattt Atchley
Christopher Hunn
Derek Calderon
Tamille Johnson
Ria Briggs