EECS Safety Manual

Return to Campus Fall 2021

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to return to their offices, labs and other research spaces without occupancy or distancing restrictions.  Everyone is responsible for reviewing and completing the necessary campus access requirements, and staying current on the latest campus safety guidelines.

Cory and Soda Building Access Requirements

  1. Complete both the EHS 502 Workplace Safety Training and EHS 207 COVID Safety Training programs through the UC Learning Center (estimated time: 30 minutes each)

  2. Review the Building Emergency Plans for Cory or Soda Hall to learn emergency evacuation routes and procedures

  3. Review the EECS Department Safety Contacts (below) so you know whom to contact before an actual emergency.

  4. Submit an EECS Safety Compliance Form to confirm that you have completed the above steps.

  5. Submit an EECS Card Key form (below)

  6. Obtain clearance through the Campus Access Badge System. This includes submitting a Symptom Tracker report every day you plan to be on campus.


EECS Card Key Forms

Before Filling Out a Key Form

You will need:

  • For NEW card keys: an email from your sponsor/safety officer/space manager, listing your name, the buildings and rooms you may access, your desk number (if applicable), and the the date your access expires.

  • For existing card REACTIVATIONS: the 6-digit proximity number from the back of your Cal1 Card (see number location).

Choosing a Form

You must complete the first 4  Cory and Soda Building Access Requirements listed above before submitting one of these forms.

  • If your card key is currently active because it was reactivated after March 2020—and you currently have all of the access you need—DO NOT fill out an EECS card key activation form. Otherwise your card will be deactivated and you will lose access.

  • If you are new to EECS because you joined the department after March 2020, submit a New EECS Card Key / Door Key Request Form

  • If you are returning to work but need access to a NEW building or office, submit a New EECS Card Key / Door Key Request Form

  • If you are returning to your usual office after leaving campus for the March 2020 shutdown, submit an EECS Card Key Reactivation Form

  • If you have applied for access and your cardkey isn't working, submit an EECS Cardkey Access Problems Form

EECS Department Safety Contacts

Emergency Hotlines

Building Safety Concerns

  • For urgent Soda/Cory safety concerns (huge active leak etc) contact campus Facilities Management: +1 (510) 642-1032
  • For non-urgent Soda/Cory safety concerns submit an: EECS Safety Ticket

Building Access Issues

Cory Hall Safety Contacts

Safety Coordinator - Logan Baldini

253A Cory Hall
+1 (510) 384-8914

Cory Safety Committee

Bennett Agnew
Logan Baldini
Ben Lake
Katherina Law
Chunlei Liu
Scott Mcnally
Elise Mills
Shirley Salanio
Josh Sanz
Steve Volkman

Soda Hall Safety Contacts

Safety Coordinator - Naomi Yamasaki/Chris DelliGatti

393 Soda Hall
+1 (510) 704-3853

Soda Safety Committee

Scott Mcnally
Leslie Goldstein
Brian Barsky
Kattt Atchley
Christopher Hunn
Derek Calderon
Tamille Johnson
Ria Briggs