EECS Safety Manual

Cory/Soda Hall Safety Requirement

  1. Participate in the UC Berkeley Workplace Safety Program (WSP), which includes:

  2. Review the Building Emergency Plans for Cory or Soda Hall - to learn emergency evacuation routes and procedures.  Requires CalNet login.

  3. Review the EECS Department Safety Contacts  - know whom to contact before an actual emergency.

  4. Submit a Cory or Soda Hall Safety Compliance Form - this form acknowledges that you have completed items 1 through 3.  All three steps are required before you can obtain cardkey or key access.

  5. Need to access a lab, desk or office? - approval from faculty, the lab safety officer, or the space manager is required for access to labs and offices in Cory and Soda Halls.

If you have any questions, please contact your building coordinator:

EECS Department Safety Contacts

In an Emergency

From a campus phone or landline: 911

On a cell phone:  +1 (510) 642-3333

For after hours access issues, contact UCPD using their non-emergency phone number: +1 (510) 642-6760

Do you have a Safety Concern? Please Submit a Safety Ticket.

Cory Hall Safety Contacts

Safety Coordinator - Logan Baldini

253A Cory Hall
+1 (510) 384-8914

Cory Safety Committee

Bennett Agnew
Logan Baldini
Therese George
Ben Lake
Katherina Law
Chunlei Liu
Scott Mcnally
Elise Mills
Shirley Salanio
Josh Sanz
Steve Volkman

Soda Hall Safety Contacts

Safety Coordinator - Scott McNally

253 Cory Hall
+1 (510) 917-3511

Soda Safety Committee

Scott Mcnally
Leslie Goldstein
Brian Barsky
Kattt Atchley
Christopher Hunn
Derek Calderon
Tamille Johnson
Ria Briggs