Ph.D. Student Review Instructions

  • Make a 20-minute review appointment with your advisor (temporary or permanent). Please schedule a time with your advisor as soon as possible to complete the required forms.
  • Fill out the online Student Progress Questionnaire available through MY EECS INFO. Submit and print a copy of the completed questionnaire that will include your degree summary, and take it to the meeting with your advisor, where you and your advisor will review and sign it.
  • During the meeting, you and your advisor will also complete together the EE Student Progress Review form or the CS Student Progress Review form. You must print a blank copy of this form and take it to the meeting. Signing this form indicates your agreement with the appraisal. Otherwise, we request that you attach an extra sheet of paper on which you list the points of disagreements.
  • After the review meeting with your advisor, return the completed Student Progress Review form and Student Progress Questionnaire to Shirley Salanio in 217 Cory for EE or Jean Nguyen in 367 Soda for CS by the deadline. Digital forms (PDFs) via email are also acceptable. These forms will be included in your student file.
  • Students that have Advanced to Doctoral Candidacy should also complete the Graduate Division Doctoral Candidacy Review at least once in the academic year.