The EECS department requires all Ph.D. candidates to serve as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) within EECS. The GSI teaching requirement not only enhances and helps to develop a student’s communication skills, but it also makes a great contribution to the department’s academic community.  If you are planning a career in academia, your GSI experience will prove a strong addition to your CV.

  • Those admitted between Fall 1998 and Fall 2002 are required to fulfill at least two semesters as a TA at 25% time (10 hours per week) each OR one semester at 50% time (20 hours per week).
  • Effective with the class entering Fall 2002, students must serve as a GSI for at least 1 undergraduate class. This means one 50% appointment for an undergraduate class or at least one of the 25% appointments for an undergraduate class.
  • Effective for the Fall 2009 entering class, students must serve as a GSI for at least 30 hours, and 20 of those hours must be for an undergraduate course.

Guide for Prospective ASEs (Academic Student Employees)

Guide for Current ASEs