I do not yet have a Research Advisor. Should I complete the review?

Yes. Complete the questionnaire and meet with your Temporary Advisor. Take this opportunity to discuss any difficulties you may have encountered or steps you might take in finding a Research Advisor.

I’m in the M.S. Program. Should I complete the review?

Yes. The Grad Student Review is meant for all current grad students.

I’m on Filing Fee this semester. Must I complete the review?

Please discuss this with your advisor; completing the review will be up to their discretion.

My Research Advisor is on sabbatical this semester. Do I have to complete the review?

Yes. Contact your Research Advisor and arrange the best way to conduct the review. Forms may be submitted via e-mail. Contact the Staff Grad Advisor if you have questions.

I have Co-Advisors. Do I have to meet with both of them?

Yes. Meet with them separately or together (submit two signed progress review forms or one). This is a perfect opportunity to bring both advisors up to date on your progress and receive direction for the future.