To submit your dissertation, you must either be registered or on Filing Fee. Most students are registered.

If you need to use the Filing Fee option:

  • May be used only once in your graduate career.
  • Applicant must have been registered in the semester (or in a Summer Session) immediately preceding the one for which Filing Fee status is requested.
  • You cannot hold an academic student appointment (GSI or GSR).
  • Students should submit the Filing Fee Application before the start of the semester they wish to file and graduate. The application must be submitted through Calcentral under “My Dashboard.” On the right hand side for “Student Resources,” students will see an option to “Submit a Form.”  Please choose “Special Enrollment Petition” and then “Filing Fee Status.”
  • The Filing Fee will apply for the length of the semester for which Filing Fee status had been approved, up to the deadline for filing for a degree in that semester. These dates vary from year to year, but are approximately December 20 and May 15 of each year.