• If the M.S. is your final degree at UCB, complete the EECS Exit Survey (this is a departmental graduation requirement). The information that is collected will remain anonymous. The survey data will be shared with the department leadership and administration in an aggregated format without specific identifiers to maintain confidentiality.
  • If you are continuing on to the Ph.D. at this time, there is no need to complete the departmental exit survey.
  • Degree Checklist 
  • Check with the Master’s student advisor to make sure all coursework, paperwork, and other requirements are completed.


Tech Report

  • If you would like to produce a Technical Report, please fill out the online submission form. Your manuscript will need to be in pdf format. Once submitted, the report will be assigned a number, given an HTML coversheet, assigned a URL, and added to the EECS Technical Reports database. You will be sent its number and URL via email.


  • Approximately four months after your degree is conferred, your diploma will be mailed to you at the address you have listed in CalCentral. For details and more information, please see Transcripts and Diplomas.