You are allowed to transfer a maximum of 4 semester units or 6 quarter units of credit earned while you were in graduate standing at another institution, provided:

  1. The credit was not applied toward satisfying the requirements of a previously conferred degree
  2. The credit was earned for coursework normally offered within your current program of study, and
  3. The credit will not be used to reduce the minimum requirement for 200-level courses.

Petitions are considered on an individual basis and should be completed before applying for candidacy. They will be granted only for students with high achievement (i.e., a GPA of at least 3.3 at both Berkeley and the original institution). If you were a UC Berkeley undergraduate and you took a graduate course for a grade during your final semester which did not count toward your undergraduate degree, you may be able to transfer this course towards your M.S. program. Consult your Staff Graduate Advisor for details about this “backdating graduate standing” process and for the proper petition form.