Year Event
1876 Elizabeth Bragg graduates from Berkeley as a Civil Engineer, the first woman graduate
1894 Julia Morgan graduates from the College of Mechanics
1900-1940 In 40 years, only 2 women earn engineering degrees
1940-1950 With the onset of World War II, thirteen women receive engineering degrees from Berkeley
1950-1960 Fourteen women graduate with engineering degrees from Berkeley
1969 Kawthar Zaki earns the first doctorate in Electrical Engineering, now Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Maryland
1971 Susan Graham appointed Assistant Professor of Computer Science (which was in L&S)
1976 Susan Graham promoted to Associate Professor of Computer Science with tenure
1977 WICSE is founded by graduate students in Computer Science, including Paula Hawthorn, Diane McEntyre, Barbara Simons, Mary Ann Niemat, Susan Eggers, Deborah Estrin
1978 “Working in Engineering and Computer Science: A Conference for Women” attracts 800 women and launches a Berkeley women’s program in engineering
1980 “Options in Engineering: A Conference for Women Students” sponsored by WICSE, College of Engineering, and Women’s Center
1982 “Options in Engineering and Science: A Conference for Women Students” sponsored by WICSE, SWE, College of Engineering
1983 Computer Science Reentry Program established at Berkeley in the Computer Science Division
1985 Professor Mildred Dresselhaus, Dr. Ruth Davis appointed Regents’ Professors in EECS
1986 Dr. Jeanne Ferrante, IBM Watson Research Center, appointed NSF Visiting Professor in CS
1987 Professor Mary Lou Soffa, University of Pittsburgh, NSF Visiting Professor in CS
1987 WICSE Tenth Anniversary Conference and Celebration “The First Decade: The Next Decade,” Professor Mildred Dresselhaus, MIT, Keynote Speaker
1988 Professor Avideh Zakhor appointed in EE
1991 WICSE “Forum on Women in Academia”
1992 Professor Katherine Yelick appointed in CS
1992 Association of Undergraduate Women in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (AUWICSEE) founded in EECS by women undergraduates; office space allocated in Cory Hall
1993 “Women in Engineering Conference at Berkeley” sponsored by WICSE, Intel Foundation, EECS Department, College of Engineering, and attracts 300 participants
1993 Shafi Goldwasser wins her first Godel Prize
1994 CS Reentry Program celebrates first decade
1994 EECS Faculty pass the Parent Policy allowing graduate student parents to modify their academic program
1994 Berkeley EECS sends 12 women to Grace Murray Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Washington, D.C.
1995 Dr. Ljiljana Trajkovic and Dr. Anita Flynn appointed as Visiting Faculty in Electrical Engineering; Women’s Display Case in Cory Hall remodeled
1996 Professors Constance Chang-Hasnain and Tsu-Jae King appointed to EE
1996 CS Re-entry Program phased out because of Proposition 209
1996 Shafi Goldwasser wins Gracy Murray Hopper Award
1997 WICSE 20th Anniversary, November 14, 1997
1998-2000 Dr. Barbara Simons (Ph.D. ’81) President, Association of Computing Machinery
1999 Six EECS women grads attend CRA-W Career Mentoring Workshop, Atlanta, GA
1999 Dr. Janice Hudgings, EE, wins Optical Society Prize, named Professor at Mount Holyoke
1999 Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Residence Hall opens its doors to undergraduate women
1999 Dr. Sheila Humphreys wins A Nico HAbermann Award of CRA
2000 Berkeley sends 15 women to Grace Murray Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Cape Cod, MA
2000-2001 Distinguished Women speak at EECS Colloquium:
Professor Deborah Estrin, UCLA
Professor Francine Berman, UCSD
Professor Susan Eggers, University of Washington
Professor Mary Gray Baker, Stanford University
Professor Barbara Liskov, MIT
Professor Valerie Taylor, Northwestern University
2001 Shafi Goldwasser wins her second Godel Prize
2002 EECS Diversity Programs win 2002 WEPAN Women in Engineering Program Award (WIEP)
2002 Professor Maria Klawe (Princeton) speaks to WICSE as Regent’s Professor
2002 Professor Barbara Grosz (Harvard) visits EECS as McKay Professor of CS
2002 Grace Hopper Conference: 23 EECS Students attend; grads present a Panel Discussion of women’s issues, Vancouver, Canada
2002 Professor Valerie Taylor wins COE’s Outstanding Young Leader Award
2003 Professor Dawn Tilbury wins COE Outstanding Young Leader Award
2003 Professor Belle Wei named Dean of Engineering, San Jose State University
2003 Wicse celebrates 25th Anniversary Celebration, UC Berkeley
2004 Professor Ruzena Bajcsy named CRA Distinguished Professor
2005 Professor Margo Seltzer named Harvard College Professor and Asoc. Dean for Computer Science ; Prof. Barbara Grosz asked by Pres. Lawrence Summers to lead Task Force on Women and Science
2005 Dr. Barbara Simons first woman to receive UCB College of Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award
2007 Dawn Song appointed Assistant Professor of CS
2007 17 Berkeley students and Prof. Susan Graham attend Hopper Conference, Orlando Florida
2008 WICSE celebrates 30th Anniversary
2008 Frances Allen, 2006 Turing Award Winner, is EECS Regents’ Lecturer
2008 Bin Yu takes joint faculty appointment in EE (joined Statistics faculty in 1993)
2011 Sylvia Ratnasamy joins CS faculty, Ana Claudia Arias joins EE faculty
2012 Laura Waller and Alexandra von Meier join EE faculty
2012 Dr. Sheila Humphreys wins the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM)
2012 Shafi Goldwasser wins the ACM Turing Award
2015 Raluca Ada Popa joins CS faculty, Gireeja Ranade joins EE faculty
2016 Anca Dragan joins CS faculty, Rikky Muller joins EE faculty
2017 Somayeh Sojoudi joins EE faculty
2018 Shafi Goldwasse and, Jennifer Listgarten join CS faculty. Goldwasser is also named director of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing

List created by Sheila Humphreys.