M.Eng. Student Guide

Winners of the 2018 Fung Institute Award for Most Innovative Project: (l to r) Prof. Rikky Muller, Jingbo Wu, Sherwin Lau, Paul Meyer-Rachner, Chen Fu and Mary Lee Lawrence.

Intent to Enroll

After we have notified you of your acceptance into the MEng program, you need to communicate your intent to register in the program, or to refuse your admission to the program by April 15. You can do this through a link sent to you in your admissions email.

Registration and Enrollment

The University will send you email about how to pay your tuition and fees, as well as how to enroll in courses. Look for these emails and if you do not receive emails during the months of June and July about these matters, please contact the Masters Student Services Advisor, Michael Sun, msun86@berkeley.edu.


Orientation and a Pre-Semester Leadership Intensive course will take place on campus in August, and attendance is mandatory. This is an important time for the cohort to build community, receive important information and practice vital skills for the leadership component of the program. The schedule will also be sent via email. Again, if you do not receive email regarding this matter, please contact the Masters Student Services Advisor.


M.Eng.-related dates, deadlines, and events for one school year.



April 15

Statement of Intent to Register Deadline

June - July

Capstone Project Matching, emails through EECS

July - August


August 10-21

Fung Institute Orientation & Pre-Semester Leadership Intensive


EECS Department Orientation


Graduate Division (campuswide) New Student Orientation

August 26

Fall Classes Begin

December 18

Fall Semester Ends

January 4-15

Fung Institute Pre-Semester Leadership Intensive

January 19

Spring Classes Begin

April (TBA)

Departmental Comprehensive Exam (Capstone Milestone)

May 14

Spring Semester Ends

May 15

General commencement

The campuswide Academic Calendar has all campus deadlines, holidays, and instructional dates.

Program Requirements by Area

The EECS MEng program entails three main components: technical courses, a research project with a faculty advisor, and breadth courses.

  • Technical Courses*: Students are expected to take four (4) 200-level (graduate) courses in EE or CS excluding 298/299 units, as approved by the MS graduate advisor. Usually these will be very closely related to your project and research area.  YOU ARE REQUIRED to take two (2) technical electives per semester. Exceptions will be considered via General Petition form and reviewed by the MS graduate advisor and Vice Chair.
  • Leadership Courses: Students take at least 8 units of Fung-related leadership curriculum, denoted by ENGIN class code. These courses are meant to provide students with the leadership, management, entrepreneurial, or interdisciplinary technical skills to prepare them for their future career in industry.
  • Capstone Projects: A unique and important feature of the Berkeley Masters of Engineering is the capstone project experience. You will join a team of 3-5 students and pursue a specific problem or opportunity that can be addressed by technology, and gain direct experience in applying the skills you learn in your leadership courses. There is also a departmental comprehensive exam that is administered towards the end of Spring semester.

*For EECS technical coursework, a minimum "B-" or better grade needs to be earned in order to receive credit towards satisfying degree requirements. A GPA of 3.5 for EECS technical coursework is required with an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in order to graduate.

Student Services Advisor

Your student services advisor is also available to you throughout your degree program to help you with all aspects of your experience at UC Berkeley.

You all have one Masters Student Services Advisor in 215 Cory Hall and you can stop by anytime M-F 9am-noon, 1pm-4pm. 

It is a good idea to go to him with all of your questions and he will be able to either answer the question himself or he can let you know where to go to get the answer or assistance you need. Please make sure that he always has your most updated contact information as he will be emailing you very important information and announcements.

Fung Institute

The Fung Institute coordinates the M.Eng. program for the College of Engineering and is responsible for the leadership courses and capstone projects. If you have questions regarding these aspects of your degree program, please contact the appropriate liasion within the Fung Institute.

International Students

Many of our admitted students in the MEng program are international students. For information about visas, please contact the International Office. Be sure to update your email address with the International Office as well as the EECS department.

International Office

2150 Shattuck Ave. Suite 500
Berkeley, CA 94704 
Email: InternationalOffice@berkeley.edu 
Phone: +1 (510) 642-2818 
Website: http://internationaloffice.berkeley.edu/

M.Eng. Contacts

Please first consult our Graduate Admissions - Frequently Asked Questions section for your question to be answered the most quickly.

Fung Institute


Contact the Masters Student Services Advisor regarding EECS technical course requirements, faculty advisors, and degree completion requirements.  See the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Contact the Masters Student Services Advisor

Michael Sun
215 Cory Hall
Email for Current Students: msun86@eecs.berkeley.edu

Email for Admissions: MengAdmissions@eecs.berkeley.edu