M.Eng. Student Guide

Winners of the 2018 Fung Institute Award for Most Innovative Project: (l to r) Prof. Rikky Muller, Jingbo Wu, Sherwin Lau, Paul Meyer-Rachner, Chen Fu and Mary Lee Lawrence.

Attend the 2018 Capstone Showcase

Intent to Enroll

After we have notified you of your acceptance into the MEng program, you need to communicate your intent to register in the program, or to refuse your admission to the program by April 15. You can do this through a link sent to you in your admissions email.

Registration and Enrollment

The University will send you email about how to pay your tuition and fees, as well as how to enroll in courses. Look for these emails and if you do not receive emails during the months of June and July about these matters, please contact the Masters Student Services Advisor, Michael Sun, msun86@berkeley.edu.


Orientation and a Pre-Semester Leadership Intensive course will take place on campus in August 2017, and attendance is mandatory. This is an important time for the cohort to build community, receive important information and practice vital skills for the leadership component of the program. The schedule will also be sent via email. Again, if you do not receive email regarding this matter, please contact the Masters Student Services Advisor.


M.Eng.-related dates, deadlines, and events for one school year.



April 15, 2017

Statement of Intent to Register Deadline

June 2017

Capstone Project Matching, emails through EECS

July - August 2017


August 2017

Fung Institute Orientation & Pre-Semester Leadership Intensive

August 2017

EECS Department Orientation

August 2017

Graduate Division (campuswide) New Student Orientation

August 23, 2017

Fall Classes Begin

December 15, 2017

Fall Semester Ends

January 2018

Fung Institute Pre-Semester Leadership Intensive

January 16, 2018

Spring Classes Begin

February 2018

Advancement to Candidacy Form Deadline (see Common Forms)

May 11, 2018

Spring Semester Ends & Report Signatures Due

May 2018


The campuswide Academic Calendar has all campus deadlines, holidays, and instructional dates.

Program Requirements by Area

Capstone Projects

A unique and important feature of the Berkeley Masters of Engineering is the capstone project experience. You will join a team of 3-5 students and pursue a specific problem or opportunity that can be addressed by technology, and gain direct experience in applying the skills you learn in your leadership courses.

Report guidelines

The Fung Institute and your capstone course staff will guide you through the leadership requirements and general guidelines for the project, while your capstone faculty advisor will guide you through the technical aspects of the project.

A few reminders in terms of general guidelines:

  • You must have two faculty readers for your final report. One of those faculty members must be from EECS.
  • All EECS students from one capstone project should have the same two faculty readers, even if the students are in different areas of concentration.

Filing guidelines

  • Produce an M.Eng. Plan II Title/Signature Page. The Fung Institute will provide the template for you.
  • 1 copy (including unsigned signature/title page and abstract) uploaded to the EECS Department Website online submission form.
  • You must also submit to your Staff Graduate Advisor in 205 Cory Hall the following documents: (1) the signed signature page, and (2) a copy/printout of the abstract.

Common Forms

There are numerous forms that you will need to fill out during your two semesters at UC Berkeley. The forms below are ONLY for the EECS department. Other offices on campus will notify you of important forms that you need to complete with them.

Degree Planning Form – Choose your technical courses from this Technical Courses page and download the Filecourse planning worksheet, meet with your faculty advisor before classes begin, have him or her sign the form, and then turn in the form to your Masters Student Services Advisor in 205 Cory Hall by the end of the second week of classes.

Advancement to Candidacy – To inform the University that you are prepared to graduate, you must complete the courses listed on your Degree Planning Form and your Masters Student Services Advisor will submit the Advancement to Candidacy form for you. If you decide to take different courses from your original Degree Planning Form, then please submit another one to the Masters Student Services Advisor by the end of your second week of classes in Spring.

Add/Drop Courses – If you need to add or drop a course (or change the number of units or grading option) after the second week of classes each semester, you must complete this , get any necessary instructor signatures, have your faculty adviser sign, and submit it to the Masters Student Services Advisor in 205 Cory. He can immediately fulfill the request and your CARS account will be billed accordingly.

Student Services Advisor

Your student services advisor is also available to you throughout your degree program to help you with all aspects of your experience at UC Berkeley.

You all have one Masters Student Services Advisor in 205 Cory Hall and you can stop by anytime M-F 9am-noon, 1pm-4pm. Specific office hours for M.Eng. students are held at 2150 Shattuck Street upon request. See contact information at the bottom of this page.

It is a good idea to go to him with all of your questions and he will be able to either answer the question himself or he can let you know where to go to get the answer or assistance you need. Please make sure that he always has your most updated contact information as he will be emailing you very important information and announcements.

Fung Institute

The Fung Institute coordinates the M.Eng. program for the College of Engineering and is responsible for the leadership courses and capstone projects. If you have questions regarding these aspects of your degree program, please contact Beth Hoch Leven at bethhoch@berkeley.edu.

International Students

Many of our admitted students in the MEng program are international students. For information about visas, please contact the International Office. Be sure to update your email address with the International Office as well as the EECS department.

M.Eng. Contacts

Please first consult our Graduate Admissions - Frequently Asked Questions section for your question to be answered the most quickly.

Fung Institute

Beth Hoch Leven
Director, Academic Affairs
Fung Institute, UC Berkeley
Office 212 Shires Hall, 2451 Ridge Road 
Email: bethhoch@berkeley.edu
Phone: +1 (510) 642-7545

Contact Beth regarding leadership courses, capstone integration, and information about the College of Engineering.

Julie McShane
Associate Director, Career Services
Fung Institute, UC Berkeley
Office Shires Hall, 2451 Ridge Road
Email: jmcshane@berkeley.edu
Phone: +1 (510) 642-6402

Contact Julie for career services assistance.


Contact the Masters Student Services Advisor regarding EECS technical course requirements, faculty advisors, and degree completion requirements.  See the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Professor Vladimir Stojanovic
Contact Professor Stojanovic for general capstone project inquiries. (For technical questions, contact capstone project advisors.)

International Office

2299 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94720-2321
Email: InternationalOffice@berkeley.edu
Phone: +1 (510) 642-2818
Website: http://internationaloffice.berkeley.edu/

Contact the International Office regarding visa information.

Contact the Masters Student Services Advisor

Michael Sun
205 Cory Hall
Email for Current Students: msun86@eecs.berkeley.edu

Email for Admissions: MengAdmissions@eecs.berkeley.edu