All Graduate Students Will Need to Complete:

EECS Department Exit Survey

All graduating/withdrawing/departing students must complete the EECS Exit Survey.

EECS Technical Report

Every Ph.D. dissertation must be submitted to the EECS Technical Memorandum Series. Please fill out the Ph.D. Dissertation or Masters Thesis/Report online submission form. Your manuscript will need to be in PDF format. Once submitted, the report will be assigned a number, given an HTML coversheet, assigned a URL, and added to the EECS Technical Reports Database. You will be sent its number and URL by email.

If you need to delay the submission of your Tech Report, there is an option on your My EECS Info page that will allow you to specify a “delayed publication date”.
Be sure that you have checked in with your Staff Graduate Advisor to ensure that all of your coursework, prelim, GSI, and other requirements are completed.  They still need to file a Final Report, confirming that you have completed all of your requirements for the degree.