Many of the policies for M.S. students also apply for 5th year M.S. students. Below are some of the distinct aspects of this program:

  • If you’re admitted to this program, you must begin the M.S. in the semester immediately following the conferral of the Bachelor degree.
  • The M.S. should take only one additional year (two semesters) beyond the Bachelor degree.
  • The program is only available to Berkeley EECS and L&S CS undergraduates.
  • Participants in program may NOT serve as Graduate Student Instructors.
  • Participants in program are self-funded.
  • All 5th year MS students complete the Plan II technical report.

Coursework Minimum of 24 units required:

  • 10 units of 200 series (excluding 298 & 299) in the EECS Department;
  • 3-6 units of 299;
  • at least 8 units must be a 100/200 series outside the EECS Department.
  • Also note:
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade, EXCEPT for 299s, which must be taken with the S/U option.
  • Minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 required to graduate.

Breadth courses

  • Require at least 8 units outside EECS.
  • Must form a coherent set of courses that prepare the student for leadership goals.
  • No courses cross listed with EE or CS will be approved for breadth.
  • Breadth courses must be approved by your 5th Yr. MS advisor. Please fill out the Proposed Course List form and have your advisor approve it.

Degree Checklist

  • Completed 24+ units of coursework?
  • Advanced to M.S. Candidacy?
  • Filed your Plan II with the EECS Graduate Office?
  • Completed the EECS Exit Survey?

You should check to make sure that you receive grades for all required courses. Missed deadlines or bureaucratic snafus may lead to a delay in receiving your degree