Many of the above policies for M.S. students are true for M.Eng. students, as well. Below are some of the distinct elements of the program:


Students are required to complete 24 semester units divided into these three areas:

  • Technical Graduate Courses:  Four graduate courses are required for each concentration. Students can choose from all approved MEng classes and will only need to file a petition if a course is not on the approved list. Each concentration includes a specific list of courses, giving you some options. Students can deviate from this list to accommodate special needs, special interests, or take into account prior academic work or work experience. Please consult the list of Approved Courses for each concentration to find out more about the M.Eng. courses offered this year. The Berkeley Academic Guide includes a complete list of courses at UC Berkeley.
  • Leadership Courses:  Two courses, one in the Fall and one in the Spring, on engineering leadership, are required. These courses fill out the technical education with many non-technical topics of importance to engineering developers and managers, such as intellectual property, communications, teamwork and project planning, and general business concerns like competition, accounting, human resources, organizational development, and so forth. These courses employ the same case study method used in many of the top business schools.
  • Capstone Project:  A unique and important feature of the Berkeley Masters of Engineering is the capstone project experience. Students join a team of three to five students and pursue a specific problem that can be addressed by technology. Through the project, students not only pursue technology challenges but also gain direct experience in applying the skills learned in their leadership courses. Throughout the project, students are closely guided and mentored by faculty from both the technical and leadership sides, and at the end of the project they gain valuable experience in oral and written communication of outcomes.

Additional M.Eng. Policies

  • Due to the intensity of the M.Eng. curriculum, students in this program may not be employed through GSR, GSI, or Reader appointments.
  • All M.Eng. students complete the Plan II project report based on their capstone projects. The report is written individually, based on group work.
  • M.Eng. students are assigned to faculty advisors based on the areas of concentration they are accepted to.

Degree Checklist

  • Completed 25+ units of coursework?
  • Advanced to M.Eng. Candidacy?
  • Filed your capstone report with the EECS Graduate Office and the Fung Institute?
  • Completed the EECS Exit Survey?

You should check to make sure that you receive grades for all required courses. Missed deadlines or bureaucratic snafus may lead to a delay in receiving your degree.