Technical Electives for the L&S Computer Science Major

Seven technical elective upper-division units are required for the completion of the CS major. These units can be completed with additional CS/EE courses or non-CS/EE upper-division courses that are technical in nature. Non-CS/EE technical elective courses must: 

  • be upper division (course numbered >100) and at least 3 units
  • be related to specific subject matter or techniques in the applied or industrial sciences
  • not have majority of course content overlapping with an existing CS course

Courses numbered 199, 198, 197, 196, 195, select 194, 190 and various seminars do not count.

The following are pre-approved technical elective courses. Cross-listed versions of the listed courses will also count. Students should pay close attention to the unit value of approved courses so they are not short units. There may be eligible technical courses that have not been evaluated; first check if a course has already been reviewed. To request an evaluation of a new course to be added to the pre-approved list, submit a request.  


Technical Electives


Course Number



Anthro 107

Evolution of the Human Brain


Arch 122

Principles of Computer Aided Architectural Design

Arch 129

Advanced Computer-Aided Rendering & Animation

Arch 222

Principles of Computer Aided Architectural Design

Arch 229

Advanced Computer-Aided Rendering & Animation


Art 173


Art 175

Advanced Computer Graphics Production

Art 178

Game Design Methods


Astron C162

Planetary Astrophysics


All Technical UD and Grad (see footnote #1)


All Technical UD and Grad

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

All Technical UD and Grad (see footnote #2)

Civil Engineering

All Technical UD and Grad (see footnote #3)

Cognitive Science

Cog Sci N100/C100

Basic Issues in Cognition

Cog Sci C101

The Mind and Language (FA 18 & prior); Cognitive Linguistics (SP 19 & later)

Cog Sci C110

The Neural Basis of Thought & Language

Cog Sci C126


Cog Sci C127

Cognitive Neuroscience

Cog Sci 131/C131

Computational Models of Cognition

CogSci 190

Sensemaking and Organizing

Computational Biology

Comp Bio 175

Intro to Comp Bio and Preciscion Medicine

Computer Science

All Technical UD and approved Grad


Data C100

Principles & Techniques of Data Science

Data 144

Data Mining and Analytics


Demog C175

Economic Demography

Design Innovation

Des Inv 190

Designing Emergent Technologies

Des Inv 190-1/ME 292C

Human-Centered Design Methods (FA 19 & later)

Earth & Planetary Science

EPS 104

Mathematical Methods in Geophysics

EPS 109

Computer Simulations in Earth and Planetary Sciences

EPS 122

Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors

EPS C162

Planetary Astrophysics


Econ 100A

Economic Analysis - Micro

Econ 100B

Economic Analysis - Macro

Econ 101A

Economic Theory - Micro

Econ 101B

Economic Theory - Macro

Econ C110

Same Theory in the Social Sciences

Econ 136

Financial Economics

Econ 140

Economic Statistics and Econometrics

Econ 141

Econometric Analysis

Econ C175

Economic Demography


Educ 161/W161

Digital Learning Environments

Educ C260F

Machine Learning in Education

Electrical Engineering

All Technical UD and approved Grad


All Technical UD and Grad (see footnote #4)

Energy Resources

Ene, Res C/W100

Energy and Society

Environmental Economics

Envecon 100

Microeconomic Theory with Application to Natural Resources

Envecon C118

Introductory Applied Economics

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

ESPM 137

Landscape Ecology

Film & Media

Film 140 - No longer approved as of fall 2018

Special Topics in Film (only Color Theory and Sound Theory)


Geog 142

Climate Dynamics

Geog 143

Global Change Biogeochemistry

Geog 183

Cartographic Representation

Geog 187

Geographic Information Analysis

Geog C188

Geographic Information Systems

Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

All Technical UD and Grad (see footnote #5)

Ind Eng 185

Internet and Data Privacy (see footnote #6)


Info 103

History of Information

Info 114

User Experience Research

Info 134/234

Information Technology Economics, Strategy, and Policy

Info 152

Mobile Application Design & Development

Info 153

Web Architecture & Information Management

Info 154/254

Datamining and Analytics

Info 155

Introduction to High-Level Programming

Info 159

Natural Language Processing

Info 213

User interface Design & Development

Info 214

Needs & Usability Assessment

Info 219

Security, Privacy, and Cryptography

Info 242

XML Foundations

Info 251

Applied Machine Learning

Info 253/253A

Web Architecture

Info 253B

Back-End Web Architecture

Info 256

Applied Natural Language Processing

Info 257

Database Management

Info C260F

Machine Learning in Education

Info C262

Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces

Info 290

Special Topics in Information (see footnote #9)

Info 290-5

Privacy and Security Lab

Info 290M

Lean-Agile Product Management

Info 290T

Special Topics in Technology (see footnote #9)
Agile Engineering Practices
Full-Stack Web Development/Back-End Web

Integrative Biology

All Technical UD and Grad

Landscape Architecture

Ld Arch C177

GIS and Environmental Spatial Data Analysis

Ld Arch C188

Geographic Information Systems


Ling 100

Introduction to Linguistic Science

Ling C105

The Mind and Language (FA 18 & prior); Cognitive Linguistics (SP 19 & later)

Ling C109

The Neural Basis of Thought & Language

Ling 120

Introduction to Syntax & Semantics

Ling 158

Computational Linguistics


Math 53; all Technical UD and Grad (see footnote #7)

Mechanical Engineering

All Technical UD and Grad (see footnote #8)

Molecular and Cell Biology

All Technical UD and Grad


Music 108

Music Perception and Cognition

Music 158

Musical Applications of Computers

Music 158A

Sound & Music Computing w/ CNMAT Technologies

Music 159

Computer Programming for Music Applications

Music 209

Advanced Topics in Computer Music (depending on topic)

New Media

New Media 190 (formerly CS 194-8)

Advanced Animation

New Media 190-3 (formerly CS 194-29/294)

Critical Practices

New Media C203 (formerly CS 295-85)

Critical Making

New Media C262

Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces

New Media 290

Special Topics (only Making Sense of Cultural Data and Locative Media)


Philos 140A

Intermediate Logic

Philos 140B

Intermediate Logic

Philos 143

Modal Logic


All Technical UD and Grad

Political Science

Pol Sci C135/Pol Sci W135

Game Theory in the Social Sciences


Psych 102

Methods for Research in Psychological Sciences

Psych N120/C120

Basic Issues in Cognition

Psych C123

Computational Models of Cognition

Psych C126


Psych C127

Cognitive Neuroscience

Psych 128/290Q

Topical Seminars in Cognitive Psychology (depending on topic)

Public Health

Public Health 142

Introduction to Probability and Statistics in Biology and Public Health

Public Health 150A

Introduction to Epidemiology and Human Disease

Public Health 162A

Public Health Microbiology

Public Health 196

Artificial Intelligence for Medicine and Health Policy

Public Health 252B (only if taken for at least 3 units)

Modeling Dynamic of Infectious Disease Processes

Public Health 252D

Introduction to Causal Inference

Public Policy

Pub Pol C/W184

Energy and Society


All Technical UD and Grad


Theater 177

Sound Design and Media Theater

Undergraduate Business Administration


Introduction to Financial Accounting


Introduction to Managerial Accounting

UGBA 103

Introduction to Finance

UGBA 104

Introduction to Business Analytics

UGBA 118

International Trade


Intermediate Financial Accounting 1


Intermediate Financial Accounting 2

UGBA 141

Production and Operations Management

UGBA 146

Introduction to Management Science

UCBA 161

Market Research

UGBA 180

Intro to Real Estate & Urban Land Economics

Vision Science

Vis Sci 265

Neural Computation

(1) Except Bioengineering 100, C181, 190, 192, 196

(2) Except Chemical Engineering 180, 185

(3) Except Civil Engineering 167, 192, 252L, and 290R

(4) Except Engineering 102, 125, 157AC

(5) Except Industrial Engineering 171, select 185, 186, 190 series, 191

(6) All IND ENG 185 sections need to be evaluated each semester. Check for approved and denied sections before you submit a syllabus to be evaluated.

(7)Except Mathematics 160.  To apply Math 53 towards waiving 3 units of CS upper-division technical electives, it is required to submit an exceptions request form for approval. Fully articulated Math 53 courses on will also waive 3 units of the technical elective requirement.  Math 53 will not waive 4 units of technical electives.

(8)Except Mechanical Engineering 191K

(9)Needs approval through exceptional review