Videos of student projects from Robotic Manipulation and Interaction (EE C106B and 206B).

3:28 Group 2: Motion Planning and Deep Learning with YuMi (Allan Zhao, Chris Correa, Valmik Prabhu)
18:15 Group 6: Multi-Agent Grasping with Turtlebot (David Tsai, Eric Chen)
35:42 Group 5: Grasping in Clutter using Pushing Simulations (Bike Zhang, Kunyu Luo, Richard Lee)
47:53 Group 4: Learning Warning Signals from Human Driving Behaviors (Lingyao Zhang, Gongbo

Course Description

These classes cover dynamics and control of groups of robotic manipulators coordinating with each other and interacting with the environment. Concepts include an introduction to grasping and the constrained manipulation, contacts and force control for interaction with the environment.  They also cover active perception guided manipulation, as well as the manipulation of non-rigid objects. Throughout, emphasis is placed on design and human-robot interactions, and applications in manufacturing, service robotics, tele-surgery, and locomotion.