Dedicated to hosting presentations at the intersection of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the EECS Colloquium offers a mix of short talks by faculty describing their latest research results as well as internationally distinguished speakers.  It provides an opportunity for an exchange of ideas between our department’s community and the outside world.

Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 PM, HP Auditorium, 306 Soda Hall (unless otherwise noted)

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 Hany Farid, Dartmouth College

Photo Forensics

September 6, 2017

 Patrick Groeneveld, Cadence

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Engineering Efficient and Clean Powertrains

September 13, 2017

 Ankur Mehta, UCLA

Robots for Everyone Everywhere

September 20, 2017

 Edward A. Lee, UC Berkeley

Symbiosis or Annihilation? How Humans and Technology Coevolve

September 27, 2017

 Roger Antonsen, University of Oslo/UC Berkeley

Mathematical Explorations and Visualizations with Code

October 4, 2017

 Pieter Abbeel, UC Berkeley

Deep Learning-to-Learn Robotic Control

October 11, 2017

 Lars Blackmore, SpaceX

 Landing SpaceX’s Reusable Rockets

October 18, 2017

 Simon Knowles, Graphcore

 Designing Processors for Intelligence

October 25, 2017

 Eric Paulos, EECS/UC Berkeley

Cosmetic Computing, Fashioning Fashionables, and Epidermal Electronics: Towards a New Wearable Ecosystem

November 1, 2017

 Alfred Z. Spector, Two Sigma

Opportunities and Perils in Data Science

November 8, 2017

 Eli Yablonovitch

Deep Learning; the Reincarnation of Analog Computing

November 15, 2017

 Klara Nahrstedt, UIUC

Challenges and Opportunities with Multi-Camera multimedia

November 29, 2017