Facilities and Engineering Services Staff

To report building problems in Cory or Soda Hall, use the Building Project/Repair Request Form


Director of Space Planning and Facilities

Scott McNally

253 Cory Hall, +1 (510) 917-3511, mcnally@eecs.berkeley.edu

Cory Building Manager

Logan Baldini

253 Cory Hall, +1 (510) 384-8914, baldini@eecs.berkeley.edu

Cory Hall building problems (heating, ventilation, needed repairs, etc.), safety and security issues.

Soda Building Manager

Chris DelliGatti

393 Soda Hall, +1 (510) 704-3853, soda-building@eecs.berkeley.edu

Office assignments for Soda Hall; Soda Hall safety and security, building maintenance and repairs; phone orders and repairs

Development Technician


253 Cory Hall, +1 (510) 643-8763

Electrical work, instructional lab support. 

Key/Cardkey Assistant for Cory and Soda Halls


387 Soda Hall, +1 (510) 642-1042, keys@eecs.berkeley.edu

Issues keys and electronic cardkeys for Cory and Soda Halls. Handles cardkey problems.

Copy Card Assistant for Cory and Soda Halls

Matthew Santillan

253 Cory Hall, +1 (510) 643-4976, msantillan@eecs.berkeley.edu

Issues copy cards for Cory and Soda Halls. Handles copy card problems.

Cory Hall Front Desk Coordinator

Dezalyn De Vera

253 Cory Hall, +1 (510) 642-3214, dadevera@eecs.berkeley.edu

Front desk reception in 253 Cory: greets visitors, answers main phone lines for EECS Department and EE Division; distributes mail for Cory Hall residents

Soda Hall Front Desk Coordinator


387 Soda Hall, +1 (510) 642-1042, csoffice@eecs.berkeley.edu

Front desk reception in 387 Soda: greets visitors, answers main phone line for CS Division; distributes mail for Soda Hall residents

Engineering Services Group


Katherina Law

380 Cory, +1 (510) 643-0843, law@eecs.berkeley.edu

AV / IT Engineer / Senior Producer

Eric Arvai

377 Cory, +1 (510) 643-6865, earvai@berkeley.edu

Primarily responsible for video/lecture capture, studio training and support, video editing and AV support for the department.

Research & Development Engineering Team

Primarily responsible for Instructional Lab support and development and AV support.

David Au

377 Cory, +1 (510) 642-6929, davidau@eecs.berkeley.edu

Amir Mousavi

377 Cory, +1 (510) 644-9006, amousavi@eecs.berkeley.edu

Ming Wong

377 Cory, +1 (510) 643-2954, ming@eecs.berkeley.edu

Xiaoman Wu

377 Cory, +1 (510) 644-4671, xmw@eecs.berkeley.edu