Campus Reopening Notice

Starting June 16th, vaccinated EECS faculty, staff, and students can voluntarily return to their offices, labs and other research spaces in Cory and Soda Halls if they follow the procedures outlined in the EECS Safety Manual.  Building restrictions for non-affiliated collaborators, event attendees, and visitors will continue but be loosened over time. Cory and Soda Halls will open during the first week in August.  We are not hosting events or activities until we receive more clarity about regulatory requirements and are able to resume full operations. Most employees will return to campus on July 12th, and in-person instruction will resume for the Fall semester on August 25th, unless otherwise specified by campus. Please continue to check the University Coronavirus Updates and Resources for latest information.

Contact Berkeley EECS

253 Cory Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-1770. +1 (510) 642-3214


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EECS Main Office

253 Cory Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1770

Phone: +1 (510) 642-3214
FAX: +1 (510) 643-7846

Fall 2021: Open Monday to Friday 8 am - 4 pm Pacific Time (closed 12pm-1pm)

Posting Job, Conference and Other Outside Announcements to the EECS Department

We do not publicize external job openings or outside conferences, or make any other external EECS-related announcements to members of our department on our website or via email. The Career Center offers a directory of Job Listing Sites.

Electrical Engineering Division

Cory Hall

253 Cory Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1770
Tel: +1 (510) 642-3214
Fax: +1 (510) 643 7846

Map It - Cory Hall

The EE Division office is open Monday - Friday
Fall 2021: 8am - 4 pm Pacific Time (closed 12pm-1pm)

Computer Science Division

Soda Hall

 387 Soda Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
Tel: +1 (510) 642-1042

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The CS Division office is open Monday - Friday
8am - 4:00pm Pacific Time (closed 12pm-1pm)