I did not major in electrical engineering or computer science as an undergraduate student. Will I be eligible for admission into your program?

We have numerous applicants who are “career changers” and our best advice for you is to show within your application that you have the requisite knowledge and skills to succeed in this challenging program. This can include coursework, projects, industry experience, publications, letters of recommendation, and more. Succeeding in courses at UC Berkeley Extension (or another institution) could be a useful addition to your application.

Is there a faculty member I can contact to ask questions about the program?

Our department receives thousands of admissions applications per year, so our faculty members are unable to respond to admissions inquiries. Our Masters Student Services Advisor (see Contacts) will be happy to field any of your admissions questions.

My official TOEFL score has not yet been received according to my application. What should I do?

It’s not uncommon for the online application to experience difficulties matching official test scores, but as long as you’ve entered valid/unexpired test scores into your application, requested that your official scores be sent to institution code 4833, and submitted your application by the deadline, then we can use your self-reported scores for the review process. If you are recommended for admission and we are still unable to locate your official scores, we will contact you.

Can you update any documents, test scores, or information after I have submitted my application?

No, even if you submit the application before the deadline, we cannot update your application after you have submitted it. Please make sure to check that your application is complete and all information and materials are correct before you submit.

What kind of financial assistance is offered for this program?

The College of Engineering offers two kinds of grants to ~30% of the M.Eng. student population: merit-based and need-based grants. Most students will be responsible for the entire cost of attendance for the program, and should plan carefully to ensure adequate financial resources.

Consideration for our merit-based grants (also called Fung Fellows Award) and need-based grants (also called Opportunity Grants) is based upon the information provided on the admissions application.

All applications are automatically considered for the merit grants, and a portion of top candidates are awarded grants that cover about 1/3 of the tuition. Applicants who have completed the financial portions of the application will be considered for the Opportunity Grant.

You may send questions to mengadmissions@eecs.berkeley.edu or visit the Fung Institute FAQ for additional information.