EECS B.S. Advising

Fall 2021 Student Advising Notice

The EECS student advising teams will have at home/on campus hybrid work schedules during the Fall 2021 semester.

To contact a staff member

Please email one of the following aliases:


Do I want to see an EECS or ESS adviser?

EECS Department

College of Engineering


EECS Adviser or
Major Adviser

ESS Adviser or
College adviser


205 Cory Hall

230 Bechtel Hall

Experts on

Anything related to the EECS major or minor

EECS major and non-major related questions, college policies

Questions to Ask

  • Program Planning
  • Ethics requirement
  • Enrollment questions
  • Exception petitions for EECS requirements
  • EE and CS course information
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Internships
  • Graduate school planning
  • Department programs (honors programs, student organizations, workshops, etc)
  • EECS Minor
  • Degree checks
  • H/SS
  • Withdrawing & Readmission
  • Double majors, etc
  • Program Planning
  • Petitions
  • Course units outside of the usual load

EECS Advisors

Schedule an appointment with the next available Advisor here  or contact the team via email:

Audrey Sillers
Director of EECS Undergraduate Affairs | 203 Cory Hall 

Heather Levien
Adviser & Programs Coordinator | 205 Cory Hall

Andrea Mejia Valencia
EECS Lead Undergraduate Advisor and Program Coordinator | 205 Cory Hall