The Minor in Computer Science

The minor program is offered through the College of Engineering and is open to all Berkeley undergraduates with a declared major other than EECS or CS. To be admitted to the CS minor, you must have acquired a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in the required coursework.

Application Process

To be considered for the CS minor, you must have a declared major other than CS or EECS and submit a CS Minor Application. Deadlines are as follows:

  • Students graduating before Spring 19: turn in forms by the last day of your final semester at Cal.
  • Students graduating Spring 19 or later: must declare their minor 1 semester before graduation (ie fall 18).
  • Submit the form to when you have at least four of the minor requirements completed.
  • Minor petitions are accepted year-round on a rolling basis. 
  • Please submit the completed form to the CS Undergraduate Advising Office at 377/379 Soda Hall, 315 Soda Hall, or via email at

Course Requirements

Lower Division Prerequisites

Upper Division Requirements

Three upper-division courses in EECS/CS *CS199, 198, 197, 195, select 194, and various seminars and EE upper divs do not count. If you are unsure, please check with the CS Advisors.

Upper Division Enrollment Information

CS courses are so heavily impacted that CS minors do not receive any enrollment priority. During adjustment period, the waitlist will no longer prioritize majors and will be processed in order. Minors are encouraged to explore summer session upper division CS courses as well, since all students will have equal enrollment priority. More about our enrollment policy hereWhile we wish we could guarantee completion of the minor,  the high demand for upper division CS courses means that unfortunately, that is not possible.

Completion of the Minor

Please submit the CS Minor Completion Form when you are enrolled in your last requirement by the last day of instruction of your final term.

If you are approved as a minor in the department, it will be annotated to your transcript.

For approval of the minor, all the following criteria must be met:

  1. All seven courses for the minor must be completed with a passing letter grade.
  2. The overall GPA for those (seven) courses must be at least 2.0.
  3. You may only overlap one upper division course between your declared major and the CS minor.


Emerald Templeton, 377 Soda Hall, 510-642-7214

Lily Zhang, 379 Soda Hall, 510-664-4436

Charlene Hughes, 315 Soda Hall, 510-642-2357

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a minor in LSCS?

    The Computer Science minor requires completion of CS 61A, CS 61B, CS 61C and CS 70, as well as 3 upper division CS/EECS courses.

  2. What is the GPA cut-off for the Minor?

    A minimum 2.0 GPA in the required lower division courses is needed to be admitted into the minor.

    To successfully complete the CS minor and receive a notation on your final transcript you must finish with a minimum 2.0 GPA for all the required courses for the program.

  3. How do I get into classes?

    At this time, minors do not receive priority for getting into classes. That being said, many minors do get into classes; they just have to be flexible, patient, or enroll in summer session. 

    Courses that some minors have had success getting into include CS 164, CS 184, and to some extent, CS 170 and CS 188 (depending on demand).

  4. Can I replace CS 70 with math 55?
    No. The minor requires CS 70. Students who have completed math 55 and don't want to take CS 70 should take EECS 47F.