Getting into CS Classes

The tables below provide enrollment guidelines for CS classes. If you have questions regarding getting into CompSci classes, please email

You can also find detailed, class-specific enrollment information at Search for the class, and read the information on the General and Reserve Seating tabs.

To see semester-specific enrollment information and FAQs, sign up for the EECS 101 section of Relevant posts are pinned and you can also use the search bar.

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SP19 EECS Enrollment Policy reminder:

Bypassing wait list and/or reserve caps is NOT permitted

It has come to our attention that a glitch in the enrollment system MAY still allow students to bypass reserve requirements and jump the wait list for classes. Please be aware that EECS Enrollment Managers will periodically check to see if enrolled students meet the reserve caps.

Any student enrolled in a class who does not meet current reserve caps will be un-enrolled from the class and dropped to the end of the wait list.

It is the EECS department’s policy that wait lists and reserve capacities are enforced and any ‘accidental’ enrollment allowed by CalCentral does not give students a valid claim to a seat in the class.