Associate Chair Jeff Bokor, Sharad Malik, Ahmad Bahai, Amin Vahdat, and EECS Chair James Demmel at the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Our Alumni

The 2019 Distinguished EECS Alumni awards were presented to Sharad Malik, Ahmad Bahai, Amin Vahdat, and Andrew Ng and at the Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium (BEARS) on February 14th.

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Luminaries and Pioneers

Berkeley EE and CS alumni continue to excel as leaders and innovators in their fields.

Alumni Kunal Chaudhary & Rahul Ramakrishnan, two of Iota Labs founders, the maker of the push-notification beacon, Dot (photo: Noah Berger)


Awards, honors, distinctions, and noteworthy events pertaining to our alumni.

A Message to EECS Alumni

We hope that you will continue to maintain your connection with Cal and specifically, with our department, one of the finest academic and research institutions in the world. Here are some opportunities:

We deeply appreciate your support and involvement in the life of the department.