Start-Ups and Entrepreneurial Activity

Berkeley EECS faculty and alumni have founded over 118 startups. These have resulted in 11 successful IPOs. The resulting companies now have over $195.35B in Market Capitalization. According to PitchBook’s Venture Capital Monthly, UC Berkeley is the #2 university for VC-backed undergraduate entrepreneurs and companies in their 2017-2018 edition.

EECS Entrepreneurship in the News

EECS Startups

A 2016 Bay Area Council Economic Institute study shows that UC Berkeley has spawned 260 startups since 1968, 99 of which were still active as of June 2015. About half of the active startups are in the information technology field. EECS faculty and alumni have together founded over 118 startups which have resulted in 11 successful IPOs.

The Most Patents

For more than two decades, the University of California has been the leading university patent owner and among the top 100 global patent holders — an elite group that includes IBM, Boeing, Siemens and Qualcomm.  UC produces more patents than any other university in the country. The UC system averages nearly five inventions a day, rivaling many of the world’s top technology companies.

According to the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO), UC—with a total of 505 utility patents—ranked first in the world  among universities granted U.S. utility patents in 2016. UC has held the No. 1 spot since the NAI started publishing their rankings four years ago.   As of June 2016, the University had a total of 4,760 active U.S. patents.

Top Undergraduate Entrepreneurial Universities 2016-17

Rank University Entrepreneur Count Company Count Capital Raised ($M)
1 Stanford 1006 850 $18,146
2 Berkeley 997 881 $14,239
3 MIT 813 695 $12,874
4 Harvard 762 673 $17,204

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