Texas Instruments Tabling Event: TI Chip Day

In front of HP Auditorium (306 Soda Hall) Soda Hall
Join us for interactive demos featuring TI technology, refreshments, giveaways and more!

Arista Info-Session

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
We're Cal alumni currently working as software engineers at Arista. We're hosting an info session where we'll talk about the kinds of engineering work we do at Arista, how Arista fits into the tech industry, and what it's like to work at Arista. About us: Arista Networks delivers software-defined networking for large datacenter and high-performance computing environments. Arista’s core...

Printing Nanoscale Things: Metals, Oxides, and Quantum Dots: Special Nano/Bio Seminar

177 Stanley Hall
  • Prof. Yeon Sik Jung, KAIST, Materials Science & Engineering
This talk will introduce deep-nanoscale fabrication technologies based on synergic combinations of self-assembly, photolithography, and transfer-printing applicable to a variety of material systems including polymers, oxides, metals, quantum nanostructures for high-performance sensors, photovoltaics, and displays. In particular, this talk will report on our recent innovation: highly precise...

Affirm Tech Talk

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
Join Affirm for a tech talk by Cal Alum, Steven Ho! Affirm is bringing transparency to consumer credit. Started by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, Affirm offers financial services that are actually on your side. We give you the flexibility to buy now and make simple payments for big purchases. By letting you pay over time, Affirm is empowering consumers to advance their financial well-being....

Sculpting Photocatalysts on the Nano Scale: Nano Seminar Series

120 Latimer Hall
  • Prof. Lilac Amirav, Technion University, Chemistry
The solar-driven photocatalytic splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen is a potential source of clean and renewable fuels. However, four decades of global research have proven this multi-step reaction to be highly challenging. The design of effective artificial photocatalytic systems will depend on our ability to correlate the photocatalyst structure, composition, and morphology with its...

Google Info-Session: Lightning Talks + Intro to Google

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
What is it like to work at Google? Join us as Googlers in a variety of technical roles share day-in-the-life stories about their work and provide an inside look at what makes engineering at Google unique. Are you submitting applications for internships or full-time opportunities this semester? We'll also share some insight into Google's recruiting process. Feel free to bring questions, as...

Functional inequalities of the Infinite swapping algorithm: theory and applications

1011 Evans Hall
  • Wenpin Tang, Berkeley IEOR
Sampling Gibbs measures at low temperature is a very important task but computationally very challenging. Numeric evidence suggest that the infinite-swapping algorithm (isa) is a promising method. The isa can be seen as an improvement of replica methods which are very popular. We rigorously analyze the ergodic properties of the isa in the low temperature regime deducing Eyring-Kramers formulas...
Sri Kosuri is an alumnus of UC Berkeley (BS, Bioengineering '01; Go Bears) and an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA, with appointments in the Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biology, UCLA-DOE Institute for Genomics and Proteomics, Molecular Biology Institute, Broad Stem Cell Center, and the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Kosuri...

Riot Games Info-Session

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
Join Riot Cal Alum and the Riot University Program team for an informational session focused on Technical Internships for Summer 2020. We'll be sharing tips, tricks and advice to help you put together an application and prepare for interviews. You'll also hear from the engineers themselves about their career journey, projects and experience and ask the team questions!

Nvidia Info-Session and Tech Talks

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
Come join us for an info-session and tech talk. Explore the future of AI computing in engaging, informative tech talks with experts who are creating new realities with AI. One lucky winner will even walk away with an NVIDIA product! About NVIDIA: NVIDIA has continuously reinvented itself over two decades. Our invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined...