Justine Sherry discussing her project with Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu

Graduate Research Degree Programs (M.S./Ph.D.)

The Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs emphasize research preparation and experience.

Please note that Berkeley EECS no longer requires, nor accepts, GRE scores.

The Fall 2024 Admission application is now closed

The next available application cycle will be for Fall 2025.  The application will reopen in September 2024.

When choosing between our degree programs (M.S., M.S./Ph.D., Ph.D.), please carefully consider the descriptions at the bottom of this page.

Application Prerequisites for All Graduate Research Degree Programs

The minimum graduate admission requirements are:

  1. A bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution. If you are in your final year of studies, and you expect to earn your degree by mid-August of the following year, you may apply. If you are admitted, you will be required to provide proof at that time that you have earned your bachelor’s degree, usually in the form of a final official transcript.
  2. If you attended a university that uses a 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) scale, a satisfactory scholastic average with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B) is required. If you attended a university that does not use the 4.0 GPA scale, please do not try to convert your grades to the 4.0 scale for the application.
  3. Three Letters of Recommendation uploaded as PDFs through the link provided in the online application. Your letters could include details about your goals, research accomplishments, technical and leadership skills, academic work, etc. We suggest you give your recommenders at least two months to write your letters.
  4. If you received or are a candidate to receive a degree from an institution outside the United States, please see Minimum Degree Requirements for International Applicants and Evidence of English Language Proficiency.

*The GRE is no longer required nor accepted.

Research Areas

You can apply for the M.S., M.S./Ph.D., or Ph.D. program in either Electrical Engineering (EECS) or Computer Science (CS).  To apply you will need to choose a division.  The table below shows which specialization areas fall under the EE division, under the CS division, and under both.

**Please note that on the official Grad Division application page EE is referred to as Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) and CS is referred to as Computer Science (CS).  EE applicants must make sure to apply to EECS, and CS applicants make sure to apply to CS.

Admissions Checklist

The current application period is closed.  The next application period will open in early September 2022.

  1. Open an online application.
  2. Upload and enter the required materials:
    • Proof of English Proficiency – If your previous degree is from a university in a non-English speaking country, then you need to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam by November. TOEFL scores will remain valid for up to two years.  Send your scores electronically to Institution Code 4833.
    • Statement of Purpose – Why are you applying for this program? What are your research goals and interests? What do you hope to accomplish in this degree program? What do you want to do after and how will this help you?
    • Personal History Statement – What from your past made you decide to go into this field? And how will your personal history help you succeed in this program and your future goals?
    • 3 Letters of Recommendation – Letters from professors are highly preferred. Letters could include details about your goals, research accomplishments, technical and leadership skills, academic work, etc. We suggest you give your recommenders at least two months to write your letters and upload them as PDFs through the link (provided from your online application).
    • Unofficial Transcripts – Upload unofficial copies/PDFs of your transcripts from all the higher education institutions you attended. Hard copy or emailed transcripts will not be accepted. Transcripts not in English or Spanish must be translated prior to uploading to the application. If you graduated from a university outside of the U.S. you should also upload a copy of your degree certificate if your transcripts do not show the award of your degree.
    • GPA – If you attended a university that does not use a 4.0 GPA scale, please enter your GPA as listed on your transcript in the section “Other Scale GPA.”
    • Resume/CV – List any education, work, research, volunteer experience, awards, or future coursework.
  3. Pay the application fee. Eligible US citizens and Permanent Residents may apply in advance for application waivers.
  4. Submit your completed application by the deadline. To avoid any technical issues, we recommend submitting your application well before the deadline. Late applications or materials will not be accepted.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Master of Science (M.S.) Only*

Full-time Commitment: ~2 years

Focus: Leads to career in industrial R&D or Ph.D.

The MS only degree is intended mostly for currently registered UC Berkeley Ph.D. students that want to add the degree. Occasionally we admit exceptional applicants with research experience, but the cohort generally is limited to less than 10. Students interested in a research oriented degree should consider applying directly to the MS/PhD program.

If you are planning to immediately join the engineering profession without pursuing a Ph.D., the Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) is specifically designed as a professional master’s degree.

If you are a Ph.D. student at one of the other UC campuses and applying to add the M.S. degree in EECS, please note that UC Berkeley will charge supplemental fees in addition to the fees from your home campus.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Only

Full-time Commitment: 5-6 years (starting with a Bachelor’s),  3-5 years (starting with a Master’s)

Focus: Research + teaching experience

A Ph.D. in EECS combines coursework and original research with exceptional faculty mentoring to  prepare students for a career in academia or industry.

The EECS Department offers two types of Ph.D. degrees (EE and CS). The principal requirements for the Ph.D. are:

  1. coursework (a major field and two minor fields)
  2. departmental preliminary requirement (an oral exam and breadth courses, which are different for EE and CS)
  3. the qualifying exam
  4. the dissertation

*The Master of Science (M.S.) Only program is a very small research program for exceptional applicants with research experience.  Applicants should consider applying to the MS/PhD program, since there are very few students in the M.S. only program.

Equal Access to Application Assistance Program

The student-run Equal Access Assistance (EAAA) program aims to ensure that all applicants to higher degree programs (M.S./Ph.D.) at Berkeley EECS have access to guidance on the higher degree application process. One current (or recent graduate) in EECS will provide feedback on your statement of purpose, personal history statement, CV/resume, and other application materials in advance of higher-degree application deadlines in the fall semester.  This feedback will be Berkeley- and admissions-focused, as opposed to grammar or formatting advice.

Application for admission to Berkeley EECS is a process that must be completed separately; participation in EAAA does not guarantee admission nor affect the admissions decision-making process in any way.

More information about the EAAA