Hani Gomez, JP Llinas, Carlos Biaou, Jodi Loo, and Akshay Pattabi, 2022 (photo: Audrey Sillers)

Academics and Admissions

Berkeley EECS offers one of the most comprehensive instructional and research programs available anywhere in our field. We have a particular strength in large interdisciplinary real-world system projects that bring to bear core technologies seamlessly across electrical engineering and computer science.

Master's student Gloria Tumushabe (B.S. ’20) (photo: Adam Lau)

Graduate Degree Programs

The goal of the EECS graduate programs is to develop each student's capacity for original and incisive thinking.

CS 169 student presentation

Undergraduate Programs

We provide a distinguished undergraduate education, with the flexibility to choose the program that works for you.

A Message to Prospective Women Students

Messages from some of our women faculty and students, and some resources available to support women in EE and CS.