Group photos from the Honors Program Alumni Dinner & Graduation Celebration on April 17 2019

EECS Honors Program

The EECS Honors Program is designed to provide very talented undergraduate students interested in undergraduate research. Honors students pursue an academic concentration outside of the department, engage in research, receive a special faculty advisor, and are invited to special events with faculty and EECS Honors alumni.

Current Honors Students


  • Option to complete honors thesis and receive letter graded research units
  • Official notation of honors degree on Berkeley transcript*
  • Meetings with Chairs of the EE and CS divisions
  • Bi-annual dinner with faculty
  • Annual dinner with alumni
  • Priority access to exclusive faculty advisors
  • Membership in Honor Program Linked-in group with program alumni


Andrea Mejia Valencia
205 Cory Hall

Schedule an advising appointment

The Spring 2020 info-session will take place: TBD 

Info Session Slides


  • At least 35 units completed at UC Berkeley if admitted as a Freshman. At least 12 units completed at UC Berkeley if admitted as a Junior Transfer.
  • Minimum overall and technical GPA of 3.7.
  • Declared in EECS or Computer Science major. 
  • More that one semester left at the time of submitting application.
  • Students must have lower division major requirements completed or in progress.
    • Junior transfer students may apply without CS 61C completed.


  • Download the application here.
  • Applications are accepted in Fall and Spring. They should include a resume, proposed course plan, and an essay explaining the student's motivation for applying, and their breadth area. 
  • Applications are due at 4pm on May 15th for the following Fall semester, and on December 15th for the following Spring semester.
  • Applications are reviewed by a committee convened by the Vice Chairs after final grades for the semester are posted. The committee evaluates applications for various signs of aptitude including: a well-written essay, graded, above-average course loads, sincere commitment to a breadth area outside EECS, and an interest in undergraduate research

Honor Program Class of 2019

We're so excited for our new graduates, here are where some are headed...

  • Peter Schafhalter & Jerry Zhao, PhD at UC Berkeley
  • Angelina Wang, PhD at Princeton
  • Aditya Arun, PhD at UC San Diego
  • Simin Liu & Jason Zhang, PhD at Carnegie Mellon
  • Nishita Shetty & Rachel Li, Masters at UC Berkeley
  • Aditya Baradwaj, Orkun Duman, & Gan Tu, Google
  • Ali Ahmed, Accenture
  • Alexander Krentsel, YouTube
  • Neel Somani, AirBnB

Honor Student Achievements

Including but not limited to:

  • Annie Xie (2019), Elizaveta Tremsina (2019), Dibya Ghosh (2019), Alexander Frenkel (2019), Kurtland Chua (2019), & Laura Brandt (2019), NSF Fellowship
  • Annie Xie (2019), CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Runner Up
  • Jonathan Lee (2019), CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Finalist
  • Divi Kumar (2019),  Eugene L. Lawler Prize
  • Isabel Papadimitriou (2018) & Tavor Baharav (2018), NSF Fellowship
  • William Wang (2018), EECS Major Citation & Statistics Department Citation
  • Yuxiang Yang (2018), Department Citation