Group photos from the Honors Program Alumni Dinner & Graduation Celebration on April 17 2019

EECS Honors Program

The EECS Honors Program is designed to provide very talented undergraduate students interested in undergraduate research. Honors students pursue an academic concentration outside of the department, engage in research, receive a special faculty advisor, and are invited to special events with faculty and EECS Honors alumni.

Current Honors Students


  • Option to complete honors thesis and receive letter graded research units
  • Official notation of honors degree on Berkeley transcript*
  • Meetings with Chairs of the EE and CS divisions
  • Bi-annual dinner with faculty
  • Annual dinner with alumni
  • Priority access to exclusive faculty advisors
  • Membership in Honor Program Linked-in group with program alumni


Admissions Requirements


  • At least 35 units completed at UC Berkeley if admitted as a Freshman. At least 12 units completed at UC Berkeley if admitted as a Junior Transfer.
  • Minimum overall and technical GPA of 3.7
  • Declared in EECS or Computer Science major.
  • Must be a part of the Honors program for at least one year – Applying in Fall 20 means graduating in Fall 21 or later.
  • Students must have lower division major requirements completed or in progress.
    • For EECS: CS61A/B/C, CS 70, EECS 16A/B
    • For LSCS: Math 1A/B, CS 61A/B/C, CS 70 (or Math 55 if DM in Math), Math 54 or EECS 16A, EECS 16B
    • Junior transfer students may apply without CS 61C completed.


  • Submit the online EECS Honors Application Form.
  • Applications are accepted in Fall and Spring semester only. They should include a resume, proposed Program Planning Form, and an essay explaining the student's motivation for applying and interest in their proposed breadth area.
    • Essay. This essay is an important part of your application and should be carefully organized and well-written. The essay should address both: a) How your proposed breadth courses will address a unifying theme and your area of interest. b) Your educational goals, including any applicable work and research experience, and future research interests. Maximum length: 3000 characters.
  • In the form, applicants will need to attach the following supporting documents:
  • DEADLINE - For Fall 2021 Admission: Wednesday, May 5th at 4pm PST
  • Applications are reviewed by a committee convened by the Vice Chairs by the end of the month the application is due. The committee evaluates applications for various signs of aptitude including: a well-written essay, grades, above-average course loads, sincere commitment to a breadth area outside EECS, and an interest in undergraduate research.

Requirements for Completion

  • Fulfill all Bachelor's degree requirements for Computer Science or EECS Degree. 
  • Maintain a 3.50 cumulative and technical GPA.
  • Complete at least four units of "Supervised Independent Study" or other approved research credit.
  • Study in a breadth area outside the EECS department, consisting of at least three upper division courses (totaling at least 10 units) 
    • These courses may be taken in a single department, or in related departments if they address a unifying theme. Explanation of the breadth interest is part of the honors application; these courses may be changed later by petition only.
    • Cross-listed courses with CS/EE/EECS are not allowed.
    • These courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Honor Students have the option to complete an Honor Thesis*. Senior thesis expectations and grade will be agreed upon by student and their sponsoring faculty. Students should then enroll in four units of EE H196 or CS H196 during their senior year. They may complete these units for a letter grade.  Honors Thesis Form.

*Due to College of Letters & Science policy, students in the L&S Computer Science major may only earn a transcript notation for completion of the Honor's Program if they elect to complete an EECS honors thesis for a letter grade. Should they decide not to, the department is able to provide an official letter confirming the student's completion.

P/NP for Spring 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

The faculty have voted that students in the EECS Honors Program may take courses for their major, courses for their breadth area, and 4 units for Honors thesis for P/NP during Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021.  


Check out the EECS Honors FAQ!

Honors Program Class of 2020

We're so excited for our new graduates, here are where some are headed...

  • Ahad Rauf, PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University
  • Candy Xu, Facebook
  • Charles Yang, Masters at UC Berkeley
  • Jesse Zhang, PhD in Computer Science at USC
  • Jierui Lin, PhD in Computer Vision and Robotics at UT Austin
  • Matthew Yeh, PhD in Applied Physics at Harvard University
  • Ryan Lund, Masters at UC Berkeley 
  • Russell Mendonca, PhD in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Suvansh Sanjeev, PhD in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Tommy Ming Chuan Poa, MS in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University

Honors Student Achievements

Including but not limited to:

  • Candy Xu (2020), Jim and Donna Gray Endowment Award
  • Ahad Rauf (2020), Warren Y. Dere Design Award and NSF GRFP Fellowship
  • Matthew Yeh (2020), Arthur M. Hopkin Award
  • Russell Mendonca (2020), Finalist for the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award
  • Annie Xie (2019), Elizaveta Tremsina (2019), Dibya Ghosh (2019), Alexander Frenkel (2019), Kurtland Chua (2019), & Laura Brandt (2019), NSF Fellowship
  • Annie Xie (2019), CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Runner Up
  • Jonathan Lee (2019), CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Finalist
  • Divi Kumar (2019),  Eugene L. Lawler Prize