Big/Little Sister Mentoring Program

The Big/Little Sister Mentoring Program provides a framework for EECS women to develop and sustain mentoring relationships by matching incoming freshman women with upper division women. As new students, little sisters connect with their big sister mentors during the summer before they begin at UC Berkeley and receive personalized academic or social support when needed. Throughout the academic year, little sisters receive advice, encouragement, information, and insight from experienced peers. Big sisters, in turn, gain satisfaction and knowledge from guiding fellow students while fostering a sense of collegiality.

During the last part of Welcome Week, all sister pairs are invited to meet at an open house to catch up on summer adventures. Sister pairs will have the chance throughout the semester to get together during planned special events, which are a great break from studying.

In Fall 2008 the program kicked off with an open house reception attended by nearly all of the incoming women students. We will have a Big/Little Sister dinner early in the semester that will also be an orientation to the various women's programs and organizations in the College of Engineering.

For information on the Big/Little Sister Mentoring Program please contact: