Other Requirements & AP Credit

Math & Science Requirements

Engineers use math and science as tools in their designs. The following requirements ensure that you have the necessary background:

    • Calculus: Math 1A & 1B
    • Multi-variable Calculus: Math 53
    • 4 unit STEM elective (formerly Math 54 requirement)
      • Choose a lower or upper div 4 unit technical course in one of the following departments: Astro, Chem, Data Sci, EPS [except 170AC], IB, Math, MCB, Physics, PMB, Stat, or any Engin dept. See list of excluded courses at engineering.berkeley.edu/guide-eecs)
    • A three-course natural science sequence, including Physics 7A and 7B and one additional science course (with lab).
      • Choose from Physics 7C; Chem 1A/AL, 1B,  3A/3AL, 3B/3BL, 4A, 4B, or 5; Biology 1A/1AL, or 1B; Astro 7A, or B; MCB 32/32L; or any upper-division course of 3 or more semester units in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Science (except EPS 170AC), Integrative Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Physics or Plant and Microbial Biology

    You do not need to retake courses for which you received advanced placement credit (see the College of Engineering Undergraduate Guide). 

    EECS Degree Requirement Worksheet:  Admitted 2016 or before  |  Admitted 2017

    Technical Engineering Units

    Students must complete a minimum of 45 units of technical engineering coursework. This includes the required lower and upper division required courses in EE, CS, and EECS. The 45 units of engineering courses cannot include: any course taken on a P/NP basis; courses numbered 24, 39, 84; BioE 100; ChemE 185; CS 70, C79, 195, H195; Des Inv courses except (Des Inv 15, 22, 90E, 190E); Engin 125, 157AC, 180; IEOR 95, 172, 185, 186, 190 series, 191, 192, 195; ME 191AC, 190K, 191K.

    Humanities & Social Science Requirements

    The University and the College of Engineering have established degree requirements to promote a better understanding of the humanities and social studies. Students must satisfy the terms of the Entry level writing, Humanities and Social Studies requirements that are in effect at the time of their admission. For a full list of non-technical requirements, please see the COE Undergraduate Guide

    EECS Degree Requirement Worksheet:  Admitted 2016 or before  |  Admitted 2017

    Ethics Requirement 

    Students must complete one course about engineering ethics or the social implications of technology. This may be fulfilled by completing one of the following courses: BioE 100; CS 195 or H195; ER C100; Engin 125, 157AC; Info 88A; IAS 157AC; ISF 100D or 100G.

    Advanced Placement Credit

    AP tests that satisfy some of the requirements can be found on the College of Engineering Website