Please keep the following in mind when preparing your Study Plan:

  1. Most students are required to complete at least 12 units per semester and an average of 30 units per year. Exceptions can be made for student who are graduating, parents, employed, or registered with the Disabled Students’ Program
  2. At least two of your courses must be letter-graded technical courses.
  3. Try to distribute technical and non-technical courses evenly over the semesters.
  4. Make sure to take courses with prerequisite chains in the right order.
  5. Not all courses are offered every semester, and some course times may conflict. You will need to modify your program as needed.
  6. See an Advisor periodically for a degree check to make sure you’re on track to graduate.

The sample programs listed on this page are intended to serve as examples for possible curricula. You may consider using one of these programs as a starting point for assembling the list of courses you want to follow. However, we encourage you to devise your own program—please do not feel bound to follow the sample curriculum. One of the core philosophies of the EECS major is flexibility. Therefore, we encourage you to devise your own curriculum, according to your own interests, goals, and background. It is your responsibility, however, to ensure that your program meets all university and degree requirements. You must also complete all prerequisites listed in the Berkeley Academic Guide before enrolling in a course. An Adviser can advise you if your study plan meets degree requirements.

If you are entering Berkeley with AP credit, we encourage you to make modifications to fit your interests or situation—if possible, we certainly encourage you to start your EECS courses earlier than the sample plan indicates. This will free up time in later semesters to gain exposure to more EECS upper division courses, to participate in undergraduate research, or to pursue a minor in a different field.

Sample Plan for EECS Students Entering with:

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Optional Upper-Division Focus Areas

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