Upper division courses give you in-depth exposure to one or more areas of EECS. As such, most students choose to take more than the minimum requirements listed below. Please refer to the Berkeley Academic Guide for detailed course descriptions.

Upper Division EECS Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 20 units of upper division EECS courses. One course must provide a major design experience, and be selected from the following list:

Please note that some upper division courses may not fulfill these requirements. These include EE/CS H196 A or B, 197, 198, 199, and other non-technical courses.

Additionally, no more than two graduate-level courses can be used to fulfill requirements for your B.S. degree. Undergraduate students must submit a petition to the department to use graduate-level courses to fulfill requirements. The following courses have already been approved to count toward the 20  upper division EECS unit requirement and a petition is not necessary: COMPSCI 270COMPSCI C280, COMPSCI 285COMPSCI 288, COMPSCI 294-84 (Interactive Device Design), and COMPSCI 294-129 (Designing, Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks), EL ENG 229AINFO 159INFO 213.

EECS Degree Requirement Worksheet

Ethics Requirement

Students must complete one course about engineering ethics or the social implications of technology. Unlike the other EECS major requirements, the ethics requirement may be completed with a “P” grade:

  • BioE 100: Ethics in Science and Engineering
  • CS 195 or H195: Social Implications of Computer Technology
  • Data C104: Human Contexts and Ethics of Data (also History C184 and STS C104D)
  • ENERES C100: Energy and Society
  • ENGIN 125: Ethics, Engineering and Society
  • ENGIN 157AC: Engineering, The Environment, and Society
  • ENGIN 185: The Art of STEM Communication
  • Info 88A: Data and Ethics
  • ISF 100D: Introduction to Technology, Society, and Culture or 100G: Introduction to Science, Society, and Ethics
  • NWMEDIA 151AC: Transforming Tech: Issues and Interventions in STEM and Silicon Valley
  • PUBPOL C184 or W184: Energy and Society

Technical Engineering Units

Students must complete a minimum of 40 units of technical engineering coursework. This includes the required lower and upper division required courses in EE, CS, and EECS.

The 40 units of engineering courses CANNOT include:

  • any course taken on a P/NP basis
  • courses numbered 24, 39, 84
  • BioE 100
  • ChemE 185
  • CS 70, C79, 195, H195
  • Des Inv courses except (Des Inv 15, 22, 90E, 190E)
  • Engin 125, 157AC, 180, 185
  • IEOR 95, 185, 186, 190 series, 191, 192, 195
  • ME 191AC, 190K, 191K

College Requirements

Students in the College of Engineering must complete no fewer than 120 semester units and meet other College, Campus, and University Requirements.