Transferring Within UC Berkeley

Because of our competitive admissions process, it is rare for students already admitted to UC Berkeley to change their field of study to EECS. Students intending to apply to transfer into the program are expected to simultaneously complete degree requirements for their current major and the EECS program while earning a high GPA.

Beginning Fall 2017, the College of Engineering stopped accepting change of college applications for any of the following: EECS major, EECS/MSE joint major, EECS/NE joint major.

Joint Majors

The Department offers Joint Major Programs designed to qualify students for employment in either of two major fields of engineering, or for positions where competence in both fields is required. Both majors are listed on the student’s transcript. Currently, we have established two such majors, described below:

  • EECS/Materials Science and Engineering:
    For students interested in materials and devices, a joint major in EECS/MSE can be valuable. The program combines the study of materials from a broad perspective, as taught in MSE, with the study of their applications in electronic devices and circuits, as taught in EECS. Students selecting this joint major program have two Faculty Advisers, one from MSE and one from EECS.
  • EECS/Nuclear Engineering:
    The EECS/NE joint major combines the traditional EE program with one in the nuclear sciences. Nuclear Engineering shares with EE a concern for electrical power >generation, automatic control, computer sciences and plasmas. Students selecting this joint major program have two Faculty Advisers, one from NE and one from EECS. There is no sample curriculum currently available for the EECS/NE joint major. Please consult the EECS/NE Faculty Advisers for more information.

Simultaneous Degrees

Simultaneous degrees are two majors from different schools or colleges at UC Berkele resulting in two degrees. Students pursuing a simultaneous degree must complete all requirements for both programs.

EECS + Business

The Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program is a four year program in which you can earn a full Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the Haas School of Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in in EECS from the College of Engineering.  The program will be available to incoming freshmen in Fall 2017.

Double Majors

Dual/Double majors are two distinct majors within the College of Engineering that do not offer a combined joint major.