CS Major Declaration Appeal Process

Appeal To The CS Major Application Decision

Students who demonstrate extraordinary circumstances such as those involving health or mental health, injury, work obligations, family crisis, etc. are eligible to submit an appeal to the CS major application decision should they not be admitted.

CS Major Appeals are reviewed by the LSCS Vice Chair and Director of CS Student Affiars once a month. Appeals must be approved by the Vice Chair of LSCS, Professor Hilfinger. Decisions will be emailed to the requestor 3-4 weeks after review.

Please thoroughly review the following information about submitting an appeal to the CS Major Application Decision.

About the Personal Statement

The CS Major Appeal must include a personal statement that is no more than 3000 characters (or 1 page). The statement should include the following information:

  • Note how your academic performance has been affected by extenuating circumstances involving health or mental health, injury, work obligations, family crisis, etc.

  • Describe the challenges in your academic performance and how you are actively overcoming them.

  • Detail the activities and experiences you have/will use to supplement your learning such as an internship, research, CS-related employment, tutoring, mentoring, on-campus involvement/leadership, etc.

About Letters of Recommendation

Students must submit at least one strong letter of recommendation from internships, or a professor (preferrably in CS61A, 61B, 70, or 61C) with their appeal to the CS major. Letter from TA’s will not be accepted.

Steps to Submitting an Appeal

  1. Apply for the CS Major. Once a denial message has been received, the request for appeal can be submitted.

  2. Gather all documents needed including a personal statement and at least one letter of recommendation. All documents must be submitted together in the appeal - documents submitted separated will not be accepted.

  3. All appeals must be submitted online using the CS Major Appeals and Exceptions Request form.

Exceptions and Waivers to CS Major Requirements

Requests for exceptions and waivers to the CS Major Requirements are allowable under the discretion of a committee composed of the LSCS Vice Chair and Director of CS Student Affairs, and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

What is an Exception or Waiver?

Students may submit a request for exception if it is believed that a requirement for the Computer Science major has been fulfilled through the completion of another course. The grade and units for that course will be used toward fulfillment of degree requirements.

  • For example: A request for the use of “course x” in place of “requirement 1” was approved. The grade for “course x” and its units will be factored into the degree requirements for the CS major.

A request for waiver may be submitted if a requirement for the Computer Science major is thought to have been fulfilled through some other experience, program, or test score. Grades and or units cannot be earned towards degree requirements.

  • For example: achievement of a score of “5” on an AP BC Calculus exam waives Math 1A and Math 1B. However, those units will not be used in fulfillment of CS degree requirements.

How to Request an Exception or Waiver to CS Major Requirements

All requests for exception or waiver to the Computer Science major requirements must be submitted online via the CS Major Appeals and Exceptions Request form. Please submit only one request at a time.

Requests should include any supporting documentation such as syllabi, detailed project descriptions, course evaluations from other UC Berkeley academic units, etc.