Approved CS Graduate and Special Topics Courses

The following courses have been approved to count towards 27 units of upper division required for the CS major.

CS 194-15 Parallel Computing
CS 194-16 Introduction to Data Science (discontinued)
CS 194-26 Computational Photography
CS 194-28 Computational Design and Fabrication
CS 194-30 Practical Networking
CS 194-31 Technology and Social Networks
CS 194-32 Computing for Social Good
CS 194-34 Cryptography (spring 2019)
CS 194-73 Software Engineering for Scientific Computing
CS 194-126 PCP Design
CS 194-129 Designing, Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural NetworksAlso fulfills CS Major design requirement
CS 194-131/Des Inv 190- Designing Technology to Counter Violent ExtremismOnly CS 194-131 counts. Des Inv 190 is the non-technical version and does not count.
CS 194-133 Collaborative Intelligent Agents and The DARPA Spectrum Challenge
CS 194-138 Cyberwar
CS 261N Internet/Network Security
CS 262A Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
CS 267 Applications of Parallel Computers
CS 270 Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures
CS 276 Cryptography
CS 280 Computer Vision
CS C281A Statistical Learning Theory
CS 284B Computer Graphics
CS 288 Statistical Natural Language Processing
CS 294-84 Interactive Device Design
CS 294-112 Deep Learningthis is a variable unit course, must be taken for at least 3 units & letter grade
CS 294-129 Designing and Visualizing Neural Networks
CS 294-131 Special Topics in Deep Learning
CS 294-149 Safety and Control for Artificial General Intelligence