Lower Division Requirements

All courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade. Students must complete all the lower division course requirements with a passing letter grade to graduate.


Students admitted to UC Berkeley Fall 2017 or later:

  • Math 1A (Calculus I) *can be satisfied with at least a “3” on the AP AB or BC Calculus exam, at least a “5” on the IB Math Higher Level, or at least a “B” on A-Level Math
  • Math 1B (Calculus II) *can be satisfied with a “5” on the AP BC Calculus exam or at least a “B” on A-Level Further Math
  • EECS 16A (Designing Information Devices and Systems I) or Math 54 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) or Math 56  (Linear Algebra [Math 91 Fall 2022])*
  • CS 61A (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)
  • CS 61B/BL (Data Structures)
  • CS 61C (Machine Structures)
  • CS 70 (Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory) *Math 55 is accepted for math/cs double-majors, but CS 70 is recommended. Math grade will be used in the GPA calculation. Students need to be declared in math first.

  *effective Fall 22 EECS 16B is no longer a requirement