Looking at the bigger picture

“I’ll admit, one thing that takes a lot of getting used to is, frankly speaking, being annihilated. It happens to everyone at some point, and it’s not only class-related. No matter what, you just have to remember that you’re not alone. In most cases, the longer you marinate in self-pity, the harder it is to rise above it. It’s crucial to find ways to stay motivated even when times are rough. I came in to Berkeley with a very myopic mindset, and even now, I’m trying to get rid of it. You got an awful score on an exam? That’s fine. It’s just one test, in one class, in one semester of your entire future. This way of thinking doesn’t just apply to “life.” You just don’t understand physics? Well, guess what. It’s all around you! Don’t think about equations and theorems. Try to imagine what’s actually happening. You’re an engineer! Draw pictures, make models, figure out what the simplest thing you can grasp is before even trying to make it more complicated. People don’t just wake up one morning and decide to spew theorems. A lot of the successful people I’ve met have the ability to step back look at the bigger picture, and I think that’s by far the most valuable lesson I’ve learned, and am still learning, here.”