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Guide for Prospective GSIs, Readers, and Tutors

Teaching is an integral part to solidifying one's own grasp of a subject. We catalyze the learning experience by providing teaching opportunities to both our graduate and undergraduate students, to support our course staff, share ideas, and inspire advances in teaching, learning, and research.

Applications and Deadlines

Students apply to all GSI/UGSI, Reader and/or Tutor positions through one universal application. If you wish to apply to additional positions, you may edit your previously submitted application; you do not need to submit a new application for every position.

Apply for Summer Sessions 2022

The priority deadline is March 18, 2022

Students must apply directly through the departmental application system to be considered for an ASE position. Only official ASE appointments made through the department and finalized by ERSO will count towards the teaching requirement. Verbal or email offers from hiring faculty or staff are not considered official offers.

Please note that some courses may require applicants to submit a supplemental form (linked below) in addition to this application.

The default instructional mode for Summer Sessions 2022 will be in-person. As a residential campus, UC Berkeley generally expects students and instructors to be present on campus to participate in classes, and this will once again be expected during the summer. In accordance with these campus guidelines, for now, ASEs will be expected to perform their assignments in-person on campus for Summer Sessions 2022. We will continue to keep the EECS community informed as plans change (in accordance with public health guidelines) in the weeks and months to come.

Please note that U/GSIs, Readers, and Tutors should make every effort to come to campus this summer in order to fulfill their roles. Exceptions for international student employees with visa-related or travel restrictions, or student employees with medically-documented accommodations, will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Academic Personnel Office ( As appropriate, please reach out to your department, hiring unit, or the Berkeley International Office to evaluate your options.

Students who are interested in applying for an ASE position for a Data course this summer should visit the Joining Data Course Staff web page and contact for additional information about these positions.

Upcoming Events

In accordance with campus-wide policies pertaining to Academic Student Employees (ASEs), all first-time EECS Undergraduate/Graduate Student Instructors (U/GSIs) must attend the following events before interacting with students in-person or online in their role as an ASE. U/GSIs are also required to complete the GSI Professional Standards & Ethics Online Course as specified below.

As an ASE, it is your responsibility to stay informed about your rights, protections, and benefits as an ASE under the UC-UAW 2865 Collective Bargaining Agreement, which represents U/GSIs, readers, and tutors.

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GSI Selection Process

Staff GSI Coordinators will be responsible for all GSI hiring. Official GSI offers will be issued from the staff GSI coordinators—offers from faculty are not official.  After faculty requests have been fulfilled, the search begins to assign students to classes without faculty requests.

First Priority
EECS graduate students have the highest priority. Among them, students with guaranteed GSIs have the highest, followed by students who must fulfill the teaching requirement for the Ph.D.  EECS graduate students who need financial support are also a priority. Faculty requests also have priority.

Second Priority
Graduate students from other departments.

Third Priority
Undergraduates. Our own undergrads are quite often excellent GSIs, having taken the courses they will teach.

GSI Non-Native English Speaker's English Proficiency Requirement

All prospective GSIs who do not speak English as a native language must pass a test of their proficiency in spoken English before they can be appointed to GSI positions. Exempted from this policy are those who hold a B.A., B.S., or other bachelor's level degree from an institution in the United States. The policy applies to all prospective GSIs, whatever their citizenship, country of origin, or residency status, and whatever subject they will be teaching. Those who do not speak English as a native language may satisfy this requirement by passing a test on the Berkeley campus.

A passing score on one of these tests must be obtained before you can be appointed as a GSI.

To see if you satisfy the English Language Requirement, you can take the English Language Proficiency Questionnaire



For any questions or concerns, please contact the Graduate Support Team at

Readers & Tutors

Academic Intern Appointments

If you are interested in becoming an Academic Intern for an EECS course, please contact the head GSI of the course.

Requests for AIs are also posted on the EECS Piazza forum (please check regularly for updates).

You can also visit the course homepage to learn more information about course staff support, which can be found through the EECS Course Directory.

For detailed information regarding all Academic Appointments on campus (including requirements, fee remission, etc.), please consult Grad Division Teaching and Research Appointments. To learn more about the GSI/ASE hiring process, please see the ASE Hiring Pipeline.

Students can also refer to the GSI Teaching and Resource Center as an additional resource for teaching workshops and certifications.