Grad Policies: Supplementation of Fellowships & GSR Salaries

In the case of any fellowship, whether external or granted by the EECS Department, a faculty member may, at his or her discretion, offer up to a 25% time GSR supplement unless otherwise stipulated by a particular program. For more information, contact your faculty advisor.

Supplementation of fellowships may also be achieved another way. The Department will allow fellowship recipients to secure a 25% GSI appointment per semester while on fellowship.

You should be aware that appointments above 50% time might cause you to be liable for Social Security taxes. You can check with the Graduate Division's Appointments Office for details about your situation.

For more information on financial matters, students should speak with the Executive Director of the Center for Student Affairs, Susanne Kauer, in 221 Cory.

    1. Insurance Coverage

      The University pays for major medical and dental insurance coverage for students who are employed 25% time or more as a GSI, GSR, Reader, etc. The remission will be activated when employment forms have been processed, so it is to your advantage to complete these forms as soon as your employment has been secured.

    1. Withholding Tax

      Salaries are paid monthly and are subject to Federal Withholding Tax. Check with the Graduate Division Appointments Office, 318 Sproul, for more information.

    1. Work-Study for Research and Teaching Appointments

      Some students may be eligible for work-study funds, and recent changes in federal regulations make it possible for students to be employed under work-study in GSI and GSR positions. The student receives the normal salary when so employed.

      Students apply for work-study by submitting a Financial Aid Application, available from the Cal Student Central Office in 120 Sproul Hall.

  1. Visa Requirements

    Students with F-1 visas do not require permission for half-time employment with the university during the academic year. Consult with the Berkeley International Office (BIO), 642-2818, with any visa employment questions you may have.

    International students hoping to work off-campus during the summer should check with the Graduate Office and with the BIO for current procedures