Grad Policies: Incomplete Grades

All Incomplete (I) grades must be replaced by a letter grade (or S/U where applicable) before you submit an application for advancement to candidacy for any graduate degree. If a course with an incomplete grade is not necessary for your degree, your Advisor may specify in writing for each such "I" grade that work undertaken in that course is neither necessary for, nor closely related to, your degree and that the removal of the "I" grade by completing the course requirements would only impede your progress toward the degree.

If no action is taken by a graduate student to change an "I" grade, the "I" will not change to an F as it would for an undergraduate but will remain an "I" on the transcript until you do something to change it.

You should be aware, however, that the Graduate Division will block your employment as a Graduate Student Instructor or Researcher if you have more than two incompletes at one time. The Graduate Division, in addition, may place you on probation if you accumulate more than two "I" grades. If you're likely to exceed this limit, please proceed with all due haste to your Graduate Advisor's office for advice.

To have an incomplete replaced by a grade, do not register for the course a second time. Instead you should fill out a Petition to Remove an Incomplete Grade. You should also have your instructor sign the form. Once it is signed, bring the form to your Graduate Advisor or have your Faculty Advisor drop it off at your Staff Graduate Advisor's office.

All petitions to change incomplete grades must be submitted to one of the EECS Staff Graduate Advisors. 

The form will be submitted to the Registrar and sooner or later, the grade will show up on your record. You should note that the fact that you took an Incomplete will continue to show on your permanent record. NOTE: Grad students may complete an incomplete grade at any time, even after your dissertation has been filed.