Recommended Timeline for the Ph.D.

Year 1

  • Take prelim course
  • Find advisor by end of Spring semester

Year 2

  • Take prelim by start of Fall semester
  • Submit Blue Card after successfully passing oral exam
  • Courses

Year 3*

  • Organize qual, think about qual committee
  • Apply for qual and submit White Card
  • Take qual by end of Spring semester
  • Complete major and minor coursework
  • Advance to PhD candidacy

Year 4*

  • Finish PhD research
  • Complete Doctoral Candidacy Review (DCR) on GLOW

Year 5*

  • PhD research and writing
  • DCR

Year 6*

  • Finish writing.  DCR
  • Schedule thesis seminar talk
  • Submit thesis chapter to committee


*Or at the discretion of your advisor