Ph.D. Advancement to Candidacy

  • After passing the Qual Exam, you need to organize your Dissertation Committee:
    • a total of 3 Academic Senate Faculty members (you do not need to have all four of the same members from your quals)
    • 1 member from outside the EECS Department
    • the Chair is your Research Advisor
  • Students should submit the Advancement to Candidacy Application before the end of the semester they passed their Qualifying Exam. The application must be submitted through Calcentral under "My Dashboard." On the right hand side for "Student Resources," students will see an option for the "Higher Degree Committees form."  Please choose "Advancement to Candidacy."
  • If you are assessed nonresident tuition, you are now eligible for an NRT reduction for a maximum of 3 years (assessed whether you are registered or not). You must be advanced by the first day of the semester to take advantage of this NRT reduction.